Class 3 had a fantastic day yesterday baking Egyptian flat breads. After tasting a range of different flat breads last week, they came up with some exciting and interesting ideas for their own products….

It was a tense moment as the 5 finalists were judged by award-winning chef Noel Corston (Maya’s dad!)…

And the 2020 class 3 bake off winner is….

Well done to all the children who did a fantastic job and really supported each other to produce some delicious baking.

A massive thanks to our parent helpers who coped with an unexpectedly sticky mixture and a mountain of washing up – Louise, Ann, Sarah, Miranda and Ky (we simply couldn’t manage these baking days without you). And also to Noel who not only had the tough job of judging, but also gave us some great tips on how to get the perfect loaf.

Also to our legendary kitchen manager and chef extraordinaire Keri, who not only cooked the school dinner on her own today, but also managed to simultaneously bake our 29 sets of various size and thickness flat breads to perfection – I’m still not quite sure how she managed it!!!! Thanks Keri x