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Class 2’s Projects on Explorers…

"I really liked Henry's because he has a rocket and a volcano!" said Benjy "I liked Sunny's and I liked the Gecko facts," said Tess. "I liked Tess's because it has a great design" said Harry. Edie said to us, "I liked Roxie-Lou's because she had not one fact, but others all spaced out and underneath each other, so that [...]

School’s Newsletter being emailed AND Blogged!

What else to do on a rainy day? Whatson.pdf

Science in Class 4

As part of our 'materials' topic we spent the afternoon testing different brands of kitchen towels for absorbency, strength and value for money. It was busy (slightly loud😉) afternoon of great learning. 😀

Pictures from this week in Class One

In phonics this week we have been focusing on our formation and ensuring we are taking time with each letter that we write. After lots of practice, these are some lovely examples of our hard work! In music we have been looking at making different rhythms and counting the beats. After our music lesson today, three of our year 1s [...]

Stepping Stones visit class 1!

We had a great time visiting Miss Smale and all the children in class 1 yesterday!

Maths in Class 2

Class 2 have been very busy in maths, going round and questioning each other about favourite; animals, colours, toys, crisps and even dance routines?! We found out that his means we were collecting 'data' and we used this data to create pictograms.

3 2 1 blast off!

Thank you to the parents who came armed with junk modelling this morning! We have been making rockets and spaceships! We have also made progress on our planets!today we painted them "These are the rockets boosters!"

Expanding sweets in Class 4 🍬🍬

Last week we found out that a Haribo sweet expands when it is left in water and it got us thinking about what else we could find out from this discovery. So this afternoon we investigated whether the amount or type of liquid effects how much a haribo expands. Ask someone in class 4 and they will tell you what [...]


Class 3 learnt that the light shone off Joel's face, off the mirrors through our periscopes and came in to our eyes - meaning we could see him even whilst we were under the table! Fin also discovered that you could use two and even three together!

Phonics and Maths this week

This week we have been working hard on our phonics and maths. We have tried out a new game called 'Splat' which we love! We work in teams and Miss Smale reads a word from the board, the first person to splat it with the swatter wins a point for their team! This is helping us speed up our letter [...]