Our School Council

Our School Council is a group of children who have been elected by the children from each class to represent the views of all children in the school and help to make improvements.

At the start of each year, children who would like to be in the School Council nominate themselves and give a short presentation to their class, saying why they’d be a good representative. Children carry out a blind vote and with two children from each class, we have a School Council of eight children, with representatives from the youngest class to the oldest.

We meet twice in the half term and discuss various topics with Mr Thomas, the Headteacher.

We’ve recently discussed,

  • …and reworded some of the school values we believe in,
  • …how the ‘Star of The Week’ should work,
  • …what we think of the new website,
  • …whether Family Group lunches would work,
  • …some of our thoughts on redecorating around the school,
  • …the School Improvement Plan – that we need to be a little better in English and Maths,
  • …that our friends need to be reminded to bring in PE kits – they’re being forgotten lots!

Recently, the School Council started thinking about how they see and experience our school’s values through their time at school. We’re in the process of making some new videos, this time with Lego. We had to plan the story-board, working out exactly where and when we see and experience our values being played out in our school and then stitching our work all together with photos and our ad-libbed narration! Quite a task with only 30 minutes!
(Thank You very much to Sam for spending lots of time making the school out of Lego, luckily not to scale!)

It’s work in progress, but here are some of our videos!

  • Love, shown through Kindness and Compassion
  • Joy, shown through Friendship and Community
  • Peace, shown through Forgiveness
  • Patience, shown through Trust and Hope

Our older video can been here too…