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Sink or Float?

Class 2 have had a busy week! On Wednesday we made boats and decorated them. We also made predictions about different materials and whether they would sink or float!

Class 2’s ‘Bake off’

Class 2 spent a fun, floury day making bread rolls. They also designed some fabulous bags to go with them. The staff (including Keri) were so impressed they all took the recipe home. Thanks for putting them into the oven Keri!

What’s on w/e 22.10.20

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Weather Reporters!

This afternoon we were learning about seasons and weather. We talked about the different types of weather we might see throughout the different seasons. We even watched an epic thunderstorm - which was just a little bit scary! Some of us then had a turn at being weather reporters. 'You might need a raincoat today because it's raining. Over here, [...]

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Bread tasting!

As we've been learning the story The Little Red Hen, we decided to have a bread tasting session.The children were all amazing, as they all tried each piece of bread. The most popular choice was the croissant! We also liked the panini and the ciabatta! Some of us didn't really like the cheesy bloomer. Yum yum!

Class 4 clay (and a quick dance-off!)

Class 4 having fun creating Ancient Greece inspired clay pots and vases. Oh, and a quick dance-off due to the rain cancelling PE!

What’s on w/e 02.10.20

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Mini Sports Day, Cave Painting and Ancient Greek life – our week summed up!

It's been a week of mini Sports Day (sack race was a firm favourite!), cave paintings (sorry about the stained hands!), confident reading (including different voices) and putting ourselves in an Ancient Greek child's shoes.

Phonics, Maths and dough disco!

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks. We've started a weekly dough disco, which has been really fun! We've had our own pot of playdough and it's been fun doing some dough dancing to help build up the muscles in our hands! We've also been looking at sorting in maths. We came up with different ways we [...]