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Our Small Town

This afternoon we decided to design our own miniature town. First, we came up with a list of things we wanted to feature in our town; play park, campsite, fishing lake, rivers, roads and a car park! We then worked together as a group to make it. We used black card for the road, tissue paper for the lake, shiny [...]

Out and about!


John Dougherty – there’s a pig up my nose!

Yesterday, Classes 1 and 2 were invited to the hall for a visit from the author John Dougherty. The children were enthralled for the entire hour as they laughed, gasped and sang. We listened to the story 'There's a pig up my nose' and even got to be the 'backing pig choir' for the books theme tune! The children left [...]

Class 3’s journey down the River Lyn

Class 3 had a great walk down the River Lyn with the National Trust today. We started at Hillsford Bridge, following the Hoaroak Water down until it joined (at a confluence!) with the East Lyn at Watersmeet, then continuing down the East Lyn to its journey's end at Lynmouth. It was a beautiful walk where we could see all the [...]

Class 2 Storm Watermouth Castle

Class 2 had a fantastic day out exploring Watermouth Castle. We saw towers, battlements, arrow slots and flags as well as how a kitchen would have been in a grand castle. In the castle we found the doll’s house made by Keri’s gran (our school cook). All the children had so much fun on all the rides and we were [...]

Walking with dinosaurs!

We've had a super, dinosaur filled day! We roamed the grounds and found lots of hidden dinosaurs...T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptors and many more! Some of them even made some loud grunting noises when they saw us coming...we were all very brave! We then went to see the big T-Rex in the cage! We stayed very quiet but then he woke up [...]

windy days

Author Guy Bass visits KS2!

Today we had famous author Guy Bass visit us! There was a fantastic slideshow (... ask the children!), we learnt about the stories that inspired Guy to become an author and how he came up with his own Skeleton Keys stories. We had such a fab afternoon and loved his answers to our millions of questions! We were even the [...]

A few highlights from the last two weeks!

Parent helpers – we need you!

We're looking for a team of helpers to help weed and tidy up the Forest Village during half term. Please get in touch with Miss Smale, Harriet or Mandy if you're able to help at all. Thank you :-)