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Operation Overlord…

What an amazing day. Some great and ambitious planning by Miss Summerville and Mrs Axford and we had beaches stormed and a soldier telling us how to do it! Our Company was split into 2 Platoons (it's normally 3) with one heading off to Rosemoor to experience the rain and outdoors (that sounded like one mad trip!)... and the other [...]

Class 4’s writing… (Darcy’s actually)

Class 4 have done some work this week on their class reading book, Varjak Paw.  Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten.  He lives high up in an old house on a hill.  He's never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way - a secret martial art for cats.  Now Varjak must use the Way to [...]

D-Day cancellation…

Young men and women went to war in horrible conditions and were amazingly strong heroes. However, and it was a very difficult decision, the D-Day Celebration organisers have decided that they couldn't put our young children through their own tough ordeal in the cold, wind and rain that's forecast tomorrow.     Class 3 and 4 will remain at school and [...]

C4 Athletics cancelled…

Due to bad weather, Class 4's Athletics Tournament is cancelled tomorrow. Please bring PE kits back to school just in case they manage to get out on the back field.

End of SATS party 🎊🎉

It was lovely to celebrate all the hard work year 6 have put into the SATs week at the traditional end of SATS party. Year 5 have also been doing tests this week so it was important to all celebrate together. #WeAreACommunity Thank you to everyone who shared food they had made or bought 😀

Spotlight on Frida, the Forda Fox….

We all do Spotlights of some kind in our classes, from Class 1 doing a 'Show and Tell' to Year 6 running the whole assembly. Today we had a really interesting Spotlight from one of our year 5 girls, about a fox who visits the area. I knew about this already as some of our community were worried; she hasn't [...]

Are you interested in training to become a teacher?

Our school is part of a growing number of schools within the Teaching School Alliance that is leading the way for more school-led teacher training.  This is really important to us because it means we can choose the very best talent and develop them into teachers.  Being able to choose who we train as teachers helps us in delivering the [...]

Learning through doing

I was teaching in class 3 and I decided to do an impromptu drama session to help the children to remember the different types of rocks and how they are formed: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Then in class 4 we revised our knowledge of perpendicular and parallel lines plus lines that intersect using actions.

Year 5’s boosting…

Another booster session with year 5s this morning where we recapped how to do division by chunking it away. We started with 452 cubes and they were very quickly bored of repeatedly taking away 3... How about taking away 30, or 60 someone asked! 😁 Brilliant... how about a whole 300?! We also reviewed some of our writing and worked [...]

“Super 6’s” Golf…

It was cold, windy and even a bit wet at times, but the group who went to Saunton Golf Club this afternoon and took part in the Super 6's Competition had a brilliant time. We played in pairs around a smaller course of 6 holes; 3par each. If you had a perfect score (is there golf terminology for that?) then [...]