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Year 5&6 Coordinates…

We reminded ourselves what coordinates were in our Booster Session this morning, but also how they develop through the years at school so that, by the time that children get to year 6, we're working out complex 4-figure coordinates in all four quadrants! Our whiteboard scribbles and worksheets mean almost nothing unless you were part of the session itself or [...]

Gliddon and Squire Cross Country League… Blows Out in Style….

The last event in the 2019/20 league saw a reduced team of Kitty, Elfini and Presley battle windy and very muddy conditions at West Buckland School to complete their final cross country run of the league.  They all battled well despite some injuries (Kitty) and a lot of mud.  At the end of the run the annual prize giving saw [...]

Our School Council… on food.

Our School Council meetings take place every month so that I can share my thoughts and make some decisions alongside representatives from every class.  They, in turn, read minutes back to the rest of their class and discuss the items we spoke about. For a while now, some of the year 6 children have made comments about portion sizes being [...]


Year 5 & 6 are off to a good start, beginning, day one. They've commenced, and even looked at dictionaries, thesauri/ thesauruses and also explored the etymology (history / origin) of words! They really are a great bunch. They're brilliant, lovely, marvelous, the best, wonderful, fantastic... Enormous?... Colossal?... Famous?... (Mmm, thesaurus and dictionary work again next week!)

Inspired Playgrounds…

Most children were involved in lots of activity and games on our new playground markings today. Apart from being Martha's Dad, Ben Cox is the lead coach for 'Inspired Playgrounds' and he came in to help us all with an additional free session. Ben led the children in some playground sessions, helped explain how to use the markings to our [...]

Swimming Challenges…

A wonderful start to the week with lots of children setting themselves swimming challenges - how much or how far can they swim given an hour in the pool? Some children only challenged themselves to a small distance but this doesn't matter a jot - I was fortunate enough to follow one of these children doing only 4 lengths and [...]

Gliddon and Squire X Country League Round 5 – aka ‘The MUDDY one’

Georgeham's team of intrepid cross country runners were reduced in size but not in gusto this weekend with Martha, Jet and Presley flying the flag for the school team in the U11 and U9 races.  The event was the first of the year and the 5th in the season and took place at Shebbear College (in the middle of nowhere [...]

Yesterday, Santa Clause; today, Santa… Paws?!!

Alfie the bunny is officially ready for his Christmas break after meeting every child in Class 4, 3, 2, 1 ... and even pre-school! Merry Christmas every'bun' !

Craft, cakes and other goodies… Christmas Coffee Afternoon!

What a fantastic afternoon - here are our proud children manning their stalls...

Year 5/6 Play Leaders

Well done to Year 5/6 who were absolute troopers yesterday in the rather miserable weather! They had a fantastic day with Ben from Inspired Playgrounds, learning how to lead the younger children in active play games using our snazzy new playground markings. The children were simply AMAZING, taking on their role as leader very seriously - it was lovely to [...]