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Class 4 clay (and a quick dance-off!)

Class 4 having fun creating Ancient Greece inspired clay pots and vases. Oh, and a quick dance-off due to the rain cancelling PE!

Mini Sports Day, Cave Painting and Ancient Greek life – our week summed up!

It's been a week of mini Sports Day (sack race was a firm favourite!), cave paintings (sorry about the stained hands!), confident reading (including different voices) and putting ourselves in an Ancient Greek child's shoes.

Spears, caves… and a dead wooly mammoth?!

Class 4's English taking a creative turn this morning. See if you can spot... -Cave painting -A mammoth hunt (and subsequent dead mammoth) -Axe making -Shelter building -A rabid dog -A warming fire... -And the person it set alight. (In case you were wondering, our new sequence is based on the text 'How to Live Like a Stone Age Hunter' [...]

Class 4 Wimbledon 2020 – and the winner is…

Welcome back Class 4!

A little snapshot of what our Year 5 & 6 children have been getting up to over their first two days back at school... We've played games, made posters, played tennis (sort of!), shared feelings, made "monster cards" and been able to laugh and play together again. We are all looking forward to getting the paints out tomorrow! Welcome back [...]

Yr6 Leavers’ Assembly…!

I wasn't going to do a Facebook LIVE assembly... and it wouldn't have been a good enough job to have recorded it live... so I've created our Leaver's Assembly video before the event and posted it to YouTube.  It always plays funny in the blog (not quite fitting on the page) so do click in the bottom right hand corner [...]

Year 6 Sports Day

Our fab Year 6s had a lovely final Sports Day at Georgeham Primary School on Friday - here are (loads, sorry!) the pictures from the day and a video of the children receiving their certificates. Click here to see the video:  

Almost our final newsletter…

Hi... I thought I'd give you an update on what’s happening in school at the moment, the things taking place over the summer and also a headline on some changes for September.  My video explains it all, but I thought I’d give an overview here too. The school value this half-term is that of being ambitious.  Sometimes it really [...]

Update… and survey No.2…

By now, most of you will have heard the latest updates from the UK Government regarding primary school provision for the final weeks of the summer term.  In case you missed it, here is the key extract from the statement made by Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education: “We continue to follow the best scientific advice and believe that [...]

Class 4 bubble

Animal oddities, maths games, boat-making, hula-hooping and ... more painting - sorry !