Class 4

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Class 4 does Comic Relief!

Have a read of some of our acrostic poems; they are lovely!

Class 4 Science

We had lots of fun testing solubility today!

Class 4s first two days back!

Involving a huuuggggeee paper chain of things we are grateful for, tree measuring, some artwork for a local competition, orienteering and gardening!  

Class 4 Topic Work

As a part of Class 4’s topic ‘Our World’ the children have been researching environmental issues; deforestation, pollution, species extinction, global warming and chemical spills. The children found out some really interesting facts and shared them to our Google Classroom highlighting the importance of taking care of our environment. The children then worked incredibly hard and really creatively to WOW [...]

In Class 4, we collaborate!

This week we have begun our new topic: Our World. We’ve started by brushing up on our map-reading skills (as you will see, we are fabulous at this), looking at where we live and how climates differ according to where on Earth we are. We have independently researched and shared our learning with each other on our Google Classroom, and [...]

Class 4’s new residents…

After many (many!) weeks of nagging by our lovely bigger children, here they are - a bunch of 10 pretty, if slightly eclectically-named, new class members. Meet... Attenborough Fluffy (!) Clive Mego Neo Coco Michael Simon Bobble Jimmy Right, who’s first to clean them out?!

Class 4 Christmas

Click the link to see what we've been up to...

Class 4’s Bake Off!

We had a brilliant day on Wednesday - our super bakers have been working hard over the past week researching (obviously tasting being the most important part of the research process...) and designing their bread and packaging. All their hard work paid off on Wednesday when they made some absolutely amazing tasty creations - we had cinnamon and apple swirls, [...]

The latest update…

Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your continued support.  I think we have done an amazing job in our community at keeping safe and I really appreciate your help.  I am also really proud and appreciative of our staff and children for doing so well over this term, working hard and trying their best during a time that’s been understandably and [...]

Class 4 projects and anti-bullying week

Class 4 have clearly worked so hard at home and have really WOWed us with their incredible projects! We've also been thinking about anti-bullying week and have created a class jigsaw, showing the parts that we can each play to help prevent bullying. It's not quite finished yet, but we think it is brilliant!