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The hayfever is quite bad here today…

Year 6s on Lundy

Hopefully, this YouTube link will work. Here's the year 6s on their residential to Lundy.

Year 6s on Lundy…

Ok, so we've all possibly unpacked and managed to recoup some sleep now, so I thought it time to download the GoPro footage and have fun compiling a video (it takes ages so bear with me) but also to download the photos and post a blog about the Yr 6's amazing trip! Some interesting points about this trip... Tuesday... a [...]

Class 4 have something to tell you…


Year 5’s on Lundy

I've caught up on my sleep now, so I thought some children, parents & community would like to see some of the photos of our residential. A great trip that saw the children navigating around the island, as well as cleaning, food prepping and working as a team.

Year 6 “leavers” photoshoot!

While the Year 5s were off exploring this week, we took the opportunity of a sunny afternoon to take some photos of our Year 6s together. There are rather a lot, so I've popped them in a Google album which you can access through the link below:

Lundy… Day 1, 2 AND 3!

I dunno, I just pop to the pub for "15 burgers please" and my phone pops up with 120 emails and several texts. Technology can be a pain sometimes. What a full on trip, but brilliant trip. They're a cracking group and they are loving it! I'd post a photo of Alfred's birthday, but that takes upload time. Oh, and [...]

Class 4 – reaching for the stars!

It’s been a busy week here in Class 4! We’ve come to the end of our assessment week, but for the year 6 children, this also meant SATs week. We told them to “reach for the stars” (only just refraining from bursting into S Club 7) and oh my goodness, didn’t they just! They have truly worked their socks off [...]

(Fake) SATs…

Whilst Year 6 had their final 'Fake-SATs' paper this morning, I had year 5 and went through some of the more tricky questions from yesterday's maths paper. This question actually started from a cubed number question where drawings make this a bit easier. Although, you've got to draw a cube, which is harder than you think! Here's one of the [...]

Year 6’s London trip… on video!

This video really does capture everything fun about our year 6's residential to London. The children were Kind, Curious, Confident, a Community, Adventurous and certainly Ambitious too. It was also a delight to have taken them and help them through the week!