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The whole school had a brilliant time in the Sciencedipity workshops. We created chemical reactions in lots of different ways and ended by making slime to take home. Thanks Ruth 🔬⚛️

Blue Peter… Comes to Georgeham!

(Photo gallery at the bottom.) I still can't quite believe that Blue Peter came to the school yesterday! It all started a few years ago when the school became a 'Beach Rep' for the Surfers Against Sewage - the first and only School Rep with our School Council / Eco Council being the representatives. The charity soon developed a program [...]

Taiko Drumming 🥁🥁

Class 3 and 4 spent the morning outside playing the Taiko drums. We had a brilliant workshop led by Gillian Ashcroft. Adults and children worked hard to remember the rhythm and movement, we even counted to 8 in Japanese. We ended the session with the traditional Taiko 'thank you' by saying 'otsukaresama deshita' which means "Thank you, you must be [...]

Sports Challenges…

Today was our mini sports' day... called Sports Challenge Day. Based on Athletic Union standards, distances and timings, Yr2 and older children challenged their personal results to try to beat or improve upon them. A great day! Remember sun cream and water for Thursday please.

Making paper…!

That was a nice surprise, to walk in to class 4 library and see that they were making their own paper. Not sure if you've ever done this before, but it's fussy and messy work, and yet they were doing a great job and the finished sheets look LOVELY! Wonder what they'll be used for?  

London photos…

Sorry for the delay, we've been working hard to find an efficient way to share a photo album that also covers ease of sharing, privacy and adheres to GDPR guidelines. However, here's a gallery of photos from our lovely residential in Cheshunt and London. Everyone entered into the activities with determination and enthusiasm, and they all enjoyed a real sense [...]

Shuffle Up Day…

Some of our children moved up a classroom this afternoon, and some became 'the professionals' in the room, welcoming the newer children in to their classroom. We had teamwork going on, communication and rules being spoken about, laying down children's expectations of us (as well as ours of them), some playing together and also finding out about each others strengths, [...]

Operation Overlord…

What an amazing day. Some great and ambitious planning by Miss Summerville and Mrs Axford and we had beaches stormed and a soldier telling us how to do it! Our Company was split into 2 Platoons (it's normally 3) with one heading off to Rosemoor to experience the rain and outdoors (that sounded like one mad trip!)... and the other [...]

Class 4’s writing… (Darcy’s actually)

Class 4 have done some work this week on their class reading book, Varjak Paw.  Varjak Paw is a Mesopotamian Blue kitten.  He lives high up in an old house on a hill.  He's never left home, but then his grandfather tells him about the Way - a secret martial art for cats.  Now Varjak must use the Way to [...]

D-Day cancellation…

Young men and women went to war in horrible conditions and were amazingly strong heroes. However, and it was a very difficult decision, the D-Day Celebration organisers have decided that they couldn't put our young children through their own tough ordeal in the cold, wind and rain that's forecast tomorrow.     Class 3 and 4 will remain at school and [...]