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Our Sports’ Day 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Finally, after a couple of years of doing something different or just not being able to share opportunities to come in to school, parents came on site, bought cake, chilled with a cuppa (or baked in the sun) and watched their children have fun. And what a lovely Sports' Day we all had! Thanks to FROGS for organising the cake [...]

Sports Challenges…

A lovely hour on the field this morning for our 'Sports Challenges.' An event based on the Athletic Union's times and distances and one where the children have fun, and try to beat previous scores. Obviously quite difficult when we've not done it for a couple of years! Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates will be issued on Friday. Here's only [...]

Year 6’s London video… is LIVE!

Click on the "View on You Tube" just underneath, to watch it bigger and without text on top!  

Breakfast morning…

Thanks to The Rock Inn... Grattons Butchers, Barnstaple MC Kelly's, butchers J&R Food Service But also to Dan, Scott and Keri, and our families of course, for a great morning! (There was talk that we'd do it again in July!)

Parish Picnic…

We started the Parish Picnic this week.  A lovely community event where lots of groups and societies came together to share, and open the John Symons Pavilion. The Maypole was also a success (quite a relief) and we all sang, "We're all in this together," which was perfectly apt!

London last day…

3rd train of four, today. We're supposed to be on the 'quiet carriage' but it's not working as it should. We're also, supposedly (you'd have thought), got tired children but that also isn't quite working as it should. 😆 Here's some photos of a few things from today... "Ooh look everyone! The white, chalk horse over there to your left!"

London… day 3

Science Museum's Wonderlab, a 'show' in the Natural History Museum, a look at lots of vehicles in the Transport Museum and a lot of stress about where to spend pocket money - which of the three gift shops to use??!! (And awkwardly, you can't go back to the first!!) Currently waiting for The Lion King to start!

London day 3…

Possibly THREE blog installments for today - we've lots on and I'm squeezing in a quick blog while they shop. For those anxious parents - it's the Science Museum shop, not Harrods or Chanel - (sorry Miss Trute!)

Day 2…

The end of Day 2... Lots on, and tired legs, but Pizza & Brownies have kept the legs working :-)

London day 2, first half.

The seconf half of our Outdoor Day with children having their first experience of climbing and caving. Amazingly, the children saw a natural Straw in the artificial cave which was about 3 inches long. The photo though, is calcium drops collected up on a spider's web! Right... off to see if the Queen's in and ask if she's up for [...]