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Broad range of skills…

The life of a small school Headteacher! I thought I'd share this morning's randomness... From delivering tea around school, unblocking the drain this morning that could have caused our younger children to walk through curtain of water, to an audit on the new GDPR regulations. And that's all before playtime. Quite broad and random sometimes!

Sean’s Day tomorrow…

Don't forget it's Sean's Day tomorrow; Friday 14th. It would be lovely to break the £100 mark but with over 100 children, that should be easy. We'll let you know how we do in the newsletter tomorrow. Our "Sean's Day" is an easy and fun way of gaining some financial support for a charity in Africa called Challenge Ministries Swaziland [...]

150 pledges…

It's our 150th year and we've got some pledges from children pinned to the board in the school entrance, promising to raise funds for the school through well deserved sponsorships. We've seen some really challenging challenges, such as... Completing 150 laps of the field (which would be really ambitious if that was in a single day?) Kissing Dad 150 times [...]

Braunton Football @ Guernsey…

Archie Cresswell spent his weekend in Guernsey with Braunton Football Club playing at the BMCI Soccer tournament against 20 other teams. They did amazingly well, winning all 10 games in their group. And even though they were 1 point ahead of Group B's winner, Everton Academy, they lost their game with them in the semi-finals. Amazing result for Braunton who [...]

Sunny DIY… ☀️🌳🔨

It's SUNNY. And with it this sunny I really did feel that we had to do something about the shade, dust and bird poo covering huge sections of the solar panels. Our year 6 let me down with their water fight so I had to see how far my hose pipe could get to the panels... the spray only just [...]

Biking Day… 🚴🚵🚴

Yet another successful bike riding day! ...Only a couple of grazed knees and chains fallen off, but altogether an amazingly good day! The Bideford Bunch got there in good time and enjoyed lunch on the beach at Instow. The Fremington Frenzy was a HUGE group but it really worked well this year with amazingly considerate children and helpful parents too. [...]

BLC Cricket Tournament…

Update later! But here's Oscar so far: It's been fun today and we won one match so far and lost three at the moment. It’s also been hot. We played well but we've let a few points through. It has been tiring and some of the matches have been hard. Probably the hardest was Caen; they scored 20 and we [...]

Class 2 and plastics!

  Even an accidental photo showed the plastic we use nowadays! It's everywhere...! And a small 5-minute #TrashMob of the school grounds showed us how much there is, and that even some of our own pupils throw under the Gazebo! We watched the condensed version of 'A Plastic Ocean' and the children could really see what happens to [...]

TTRockStars #RockWrangle

A new piece of software we've purchased is TTRockStars.  It's a Times-Tables tester but put into a Rock Star context where you can earn money gigging, get new backgrounds, personalise your character and purchase new instruments.  It's also done completely anonymously... meet Roxy Friedman (me!) Class 3 and 4 have been using this a little over the year, but only when [...]

Teachers’ Rock YOUTH Choir – The Album Launch

To end an amazing week (and I'm blogging in reverse if anyone's noticed) we had the launch of our Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir album last night, Saturday 30th June. TRC has been going for 5 years now and members come from all walks of school life - teachers, admin, TA staff, Headteachers, teacher trainers and retired teachers too.  Miss Summerville [...]