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Class 3 St George’s House residential – Tuesday

After a very early start for everyone (except the boys in room 1 who would have slept through a concert in their room!) It was off to Ilfracombe for Kayaking... Apparently the year 4 girls nearly got wetter than expected during the pirate raids - but luckily some expert boating skills from Mrs Tucker saved the day! Then [...]

Class 3 St George’s House residential – Monday

Class 3 have just arrived home from a very adventurous 2 days @ St George's House. After a very excited start to school on Mondat we walked to St George's House (5 mins away!). We unpacked, did an orienteering activity around the grounds, had a play and then had lunch....In In the afternoon year 3 walked to Putsborough [...]

Class 3 Visit RHS Rosemoor

Class 3 had a great trip to RHS Rosemoor on Tuesday linking with our science and 'All about Trees' topic. We had a really interesting workshop where we learnt what plants need to grow and the life cycle of a plant. Isla got watered and Tilly turned into an apple!! Everyone got to plant some seeds and flowers so we [...]

Even Save The Spiders!

We were stormed by a huge swarm of horribly, large flies at lunchtime, and it inspired some to take drastic action! [Post Edit (thanks Matt)] Some jumped on, poked and splatted them, others started a chant to save them. Isla even wrote a persuasive poster - Save The Bugs... (and even save the spiders!) Save The Insects poster.pdfDownload

Can you trust the internet?

For Safer Internet Day, some of our Class 3 wrote up some of the facts we found out during our topic of The Roman Empire. One of the aspects about their theme this year is whether we can trust the Internet.  Are the facts that we find and read, reliable? So, some of us went on to Google Sites and [...]

Happy Christmas Class 3!!!

There were some very creative Christmas hat designs in class 3 yesterday as everyone made their own hats for dinner. We also had a surprise guest with a glamourous helper..... Thanks to Keri and Martina for such a delicious spread. Well done class 3 for a fantastic term; you've all worked hard and been so kind and supportive [...]

Class 3 WW2 Projects – Wow!

Class 3 will be bringing their WW2 projects home on Monday so I just wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the fantastic work they have all done. It has been amazing to read and look at their projects with them, especially some of the ones inspired by great grandparents and their stories of the war. I've also [...]

The latest update…

Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your continued support.  I think we have done an amazing job in our community at keeping safe and I really appreciate your help.  I am also really proud and appreciative of our staff and children for doing so well over this term, working hard and trying their best during a time that’s been understandably and [...]

Children in Need Day 2020

We are so thankful for what we have and have had a wonderful day together. Here's a snapshot of our day... we are so lucky to have each other, our school and our fantastic families and friends. (Click the link for Class 4 and turn up your volume!).

Class 3 WW2 workshop day…

Class 3 had a great day with Tom learning about life in WW2 today. We found out about rationing and life on the homefront as well as working out who was the spy in our classroom (It was the innocent looking Kitty!!). After lunch we had to decipher morse code messages to drop provisions at the correct coordinates on the [...]