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Class 3 @ St George’s House

Class 3 have had a fantastic time this week on our our annual residential to St George's House. Monday we narrowly missed the torrential downpour to enjoy perfect sunshine on our rock scrambling around Baggy Point. All the children showed how adventurous and ambitious they were with some really challenging climbing, and it was great to see them all encouraging [...]

Electricity runs through…?

Point to the left or point to the right activity. Electricity runs through... Copper wire? or plastic cord? Far too many this morning thought that this hairdryer worked through the wrong material. That's ok - were learning about that next week!

The Great Class 3 Bake Off!

Class 3 had a great day baking our Egyptian flat breads today. The children came up with some really imaginative flavour combinations - some were very hot and spicy - and our celebrity judge, Keri, said it was the best set of flatbreads she had seen in her 8 years as resident chef - praise indeed! It was a tense [...]

Magnetic force in class 3

In science today we had lots of fun with magnets. We found the opposite poles attract each other and poles that are the same will repel each other We then made mazes that we had to use a magnet to attract a paperclip to complete the course. Great fun!  

KS2 Topic Workshop

Dear Parents We have been offered the opportunity to have the fantastic storyteller and actor, Steve Manning, visit our school this Wednesday (16th February). He will be spending the morning with Class 4, bringing Viking history to life with real Viking artefacts, including shields and weapons, that the children will be able to handle & dress up in. They will [...]

Space Dome…!

What a wonderful day... Simon, from Callington Space Centre, brought the Space Dome to the chapel and we all had a visit throughout the day. We were able to sit back, even lie down, and have a 360° view of our planet, solar system, the space station and much, much more. Here's just a few photos of what we saw [...]

Wow what an afternoon! And the total raised is…

A HUGE thank you to everyone for their donations today - we have raised a massive £209.61 to fund new releases for our libraries! It was such an exciting afternoon & the children loved choosing and paying for their new stories. We hope you all enjoy your new books tonight! Finally, the biggest thank you (and well done) needs to [...]

Pantos are LIVE !

Late yesterday, I emailed parents of almost all of our children with a link to the Pantos that their child was in. Hopefully these have come through to your inbox successfully, but do get in touch if you've not received your link. Filming was easy (thanks to Sam Humble Smith for the tripod!), editing took some time and then we [...]

KS2 play filming

On Wednesday this week (12th January), we will be transforming into princesses, bears, fairies and all sorts of other magical creatures for the filming of our Cinderella Rockerfella production. Most of our children still have their outfits in school, but if your child has their outfit at home, please could they bring it in tomorrow or Wednesday morning. Thank you! [...]

Class 3 Chrismas Crafts with the National Trust

Class 3 had a fantastic crafting afternoon last Wednesday with the National Trust. We were lucky enough to have 3 members of the National Trust education team in to help us to create some lovely Christmas decorations using natural materials that won't mean yet more plastic pollution. Thea had some inspirational ideas using twigs and wool - everyone made a [...]