Welcome to Class 4

Welcome to our class!  In Class 4 we teach children in Years 5 and 6 within Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum.  Class 4 is often referred to as ‘upper’ Key Stage 2 – the children  complete their work on Key Stage 2 and sit their SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) at the end of Year 6 before moving onto secondary school.   We continue to develop our reading, numeracy and literacy skills, linking to our termly topics. You can learn more about the Key Stage 2 national curriculum on our National Curriculum page.

On this page you will find useful information about your time in Class 4 including our Topic of the Term, information about home learning and links to our Key Instant Recall Facts.  If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Sobey, the Class 4 teacher.

Topic of the Term

This term our topic is Vikings and Dragons

Our key questions are:

Vikings: trade or raid? 

Who were the Vikings?

Did they deserve their reputation?

How did the Vikings travel?

How did myths affect how the Vikings lived their lives?

What would life be like as a Viking child?

What was their impact on Britain?


BBC History Vikings
Great site from the BBC with a timeline as well as information on family life, beliefs, raids, trading and the famous Viking ships…

Channel 4 learning
Channel 4’s learning zone site for children with activities for home and quizzes about the Vikings as well as worksheets and an image bank.

BBC Vikings in Scotland
Good site by BBC Scotland with information about the Vikings in Scotland. You can look around a Viking long house and build your own Viking ship.

Woodlands Viking site
Site by Woodlands Junior School aimed specifically to help primary children with homework. Easy to follow information on who the Vikings were, why they invaded Britain, their clothes, houses and beliefs.

Jorvick Viking Centre
Part of the Jorvick Viking Centre in York’s site with information on who the Vikings were and what happened to them, as well as a timeline and Viking activities.

10 facts about the Vikings
From National Geographic Kids, as well as a link to a comic strip adventure on a Viking longboat.

101 facts about the Vikings!
From the Specialists, a group that do workshop visits for school.

Write your name in runes
Type in your name and see how it would have been written in runes.

Vikings – the North Atlantic Saga
This massive site from the Smithsonian National Museum is not aimed at children but is well worth a look as it offers a guided tour of their Viking exhibition with some amazing artefacts as well as a chance to go on a Viking voyage – (this site is vast and so not all content has been check for age suitability)

Vikings of Bjornstad
A site with information on a recreated viking settlement in Germany, but it has some great images of Viking artefacts which give an insight into Viking life.

Rosala Viking Centre
Informative site with a good section on Viking Gods as well as a picture gallery and information on houses and ships.

Homework in Class 4

Reading.  Children should be reading regularly at home and independently recording the books they have read in their own Reading Record. Children are responsible for choosing their own books; a wide selection is available in class 4, and any children who need support with their reading will be given help to choose a book at the appropriate level. Any book in school can be taken home to read. We subscribe to a weekly newspaper and 2 magazines in class 4 – which are always in our library for the children to read.

Spelling. Spellings will be given out on Friday, for a test the following Thursday.  All children have the spellings for the term in their books. It is helpful to tick each week off as they go, so that they can find the right box easily and independently.

Weekly homework.  English and Maths homework will be given out each week, to be handed in the following Thursday.  Key Maths Skills sheets will be sent home every half term.  The homework will be stuck in their homework diaries, but there are always spare sheets in our homework tray for those who miss (or lose!) it. Year 6 may also get some extra revision homework in the spring term.

Home/School projects.  Once a term your child will be asked to complete a project relating to the topic of the term.  Projects will be broad based, around a theme, and provide your child with the opportunity to explore their topic learning in a way that inspires them.  Children will typically be given 4-5 weeks to complete their project.

Take a look at Maths in class 4

Class 4 explain their understanding of fractions for a recent BLC project…

Key Instant Recall Facts(KIRFs)

Each half term we will send home a sheet of Key Instant Recall Facts that we would like you to practice.  The objective is for children to know and be able to recall, instantly, the numeracy facts on the sheet.  The facts can be practised in many ways – the key to success is practising a little and often – walking to school, in a car journey, over dinner time?  Have a look at our suggestions for fun games to help you practice and learn the facts.

pdfroundicon Click here to download the Year 5 Autumn 1 Key Instant Recall Fact Sheet

pdfroundicon Click here to download the Year 5 Spring 1 Key Instant Recall Fact Sheet

pdfroundicon Click here to download the Year 6 Autumn 1 Key Instant Recall Fact Sheet

pdfroundicon Click here to download the Year 6 Spring 1 Key Instant Recall Fact Sheet


During your child’s time in Class 4 they will be asked to present a ‘Spotlight’.  In year 5 this will be to the class, but in year 6 it will be to the whole school in the hall, and parents are invited in to watch. We are always impressed with the effort the children put into their final spotlights, and proud to see them rise to this (quite daunting) challenge with such enthusiasm.


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