There is a wealth of wonderful online learning resources which will provide you with support and fun. Please make use of the many links below.

Useful Learning Resources:

Here’s also, a pdf FULL of links and QR codes pointing to some recently opened-up and FREE websites! 🙂

  • – Twinkl is a hugely comprehensive resource bank for learning resources, offering parents and teachers a One Month Ultimate Membership , totally free of charge. Setting this up is really easy to do – go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS
  • – E-Books that match our reading scheme. You can filter for your child’s current and next stages. Username: Cranfield Password: crane
  • – Free trial of fun, engaging and practical learning activities for children to enjoy. Simply sign up and register your child for free access.
  • – The groundbreaking game that makes learning to read fun are currently providing free access to their website and app.
  • – cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video.
  • – now free for all, a resource / game website to support children’s phonics development. Username: march20 Password: home
  • – Storyline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations.
  • – Our new PSHE ‘software’ will be releasing content which will support children’s feelings and emotions,
    and various areas of personal, social, and health education.
  • – a collection of free and highly accessible educational games that learners will find easy to use independently.
  • – Topmarks has a wealth of fun and interactive games for many curriculum areas.
  • – A range of free interactive games for all curriculum areas.
  • – A range of non-screen activities for children to complete at home.
  • – a range of resources linked to different areas of the curriculum. Children can participate in mindfulness activities, sensory activities and a range of movement types such as workouts or guided dances to ensure that they are still keeping active at home.
  • – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation vdeos designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world.
  • – a wealth of learning information and activities from the BBC.

Online Subscriptions which you already have access to:

  • – Lots and LOTS of excellent activities!
  • – a carefully sequenced and engaging programme of daily times tables practice. Your child’s log-in is available in their Home School Link.
  • – aimed at boosting addition and subtraction skills.