FROGS needs you!

At Georgeham our parent, teacher and friend association is affectionately known as FROGS – that stands for Friends of Georgeham School – makes sense now doesn’t it?

Any one can be a FROG, we are parents, carers, grandparents, family members or friends of the school and its children. We organise events throughout the year for the enjoyment of our children and families to raise much needed funds for the school.

Our core of committee members include a representative from each year or class group but we actively welcome support from anyone (many hands make light work and all that!). We meet just a couple of times per term to plan our events but we also need people who can help on the day; from cake baking, to setting up, to manning stalls, to selling raffle tickets.

Our fund raising provides vital support to the school, especially in a time of reduced budgets. Our mission is to ensure that the funds raised by FROGs are used for the benefit of the children and to enhance their activities and experiences at school. In recent years we have contributed to or raised money for many projects (big and small) including:  the outside learning area for Class 2, the volleyball court and outdoor classroom, playground equipment – from outdoor Connect 4, to pogo sticks, to giant jenga, whole school trips to Barnstaple to see the pantomime and also for a theatre group to visit the school, school house kitchen equipment, contributing to travel costs on various trips and the Solar Schools project to provide solar energy.  Plus, we’ve provided funds for each class teacher so they can decide how best to enhance their classrooms and the children’s learning – so far over we have give over £2000 which has been used to provide everything from maths equipment, to science equipment, to creative play

If you’d like to learn more about FROGS or have some time to spare to help us please speak to Erin Matthews, Ali Crossman or Kate Williamson.  We can be contacted via the school office if you can’t spot us in the playground!  Or check out our Facebook page where we post about upcoming events and meetings.