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EYFS Forest Village, part3.

It seems like ages since we've been in the Forest Village area to do any work, and even though we've most probably done parts 3, 4, and part 5 already, today seemed like the first time we've been back since we had the builders in. Since last summer, we've had a 20 foot square canopy erected over the artificial turf [...]

Contact tracing over the Easter holidays…

The DfE have asked that children and parents (and staff) get in touch with us if symptoms start, or there's a positive case of Coronavirus, within two days of being at school. That's Friday and Saturday for symptoms, and a positive result that could possibly be returned as late Wednesday, that you contact us please... at head@georgeham-primary.devon.sch.uk We would then [...]

Newsletter … week-ending… 1st April 2021 … issue 495

Newsletter … on 1st April 2021 … issue 495 Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Josh Sanders Class 2… Ida-Rose Steward Class 3… Maya Espinosa-Corston Class 4… Harry Cresswell ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! https://www.loom.com/share/0a1d74ba67f648889b62a0d8444ee336   What’s Class 1 done this week?... 'We made 'wanted' posters to warn the three little pigs about the big bad wolf!' 'We all [...]

School Lunches treats…

Keri has made cupcakes for school lunches today and what with it being Easter, of course they HAD to be chocolate related and have eggs involved too! Darn it, I missed a trick... I brought in left-overs from last night! :-( Just to recap on chocolates, sweets and treats in school, we do share things at Easter and Christmas and [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 26th March 2021 … issue 494

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Mitsy-Rose Guedez Class 2… Amelie Crossman Class 3… Minnie Windridge Class 4… Elsie Lambert ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly here too… https://www.loom.com/share/17c02e832f114eb7b12eef5a812f07fd It’s this weekend where you go hunting with the FROGS’ Family Easter Challenge, but also a camp out on Saturday.  Details below!  We’ve had some lovely weeks back at school [...]

Do you have a question for The Big Bad Wolf?

We've been enjoying our Literacy work around The Three Little Pigs. We've started learning the story using actions and we've been making our own story-maps to help us retell it. Earlier in the week we came up with some questions that we would ask The Big Bad Wolf. Today, we had a go at 'hot-seating', which means that one of [...]

The Big Bad Wolf!

This morning we had the chance to become detectives! We came into school to find a huge mess in our outdoor garden! There were bricks everywhere, police tape to cordon it off....and even some fur left behind! Who has been here?! We put our detective hats (and hi-vis jackets) on and became detectives. We investigated all the evidence and we [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 19th March 2021 … issue 493

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Jude Seels Class 2… Bea Matthews Class 3… Sam Land Class 4… Ashley Baraniak ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly ... https://www.loom.com/share/d37752c161ff4913a03235a5121d97e7… https://www.loom.com/share/d37752c161ff4913a03235a5121d97e7 It’s been another busy week  and it’s culminated in a colourful Red Nose Day where we’ve raised approximately £140.  The children are excited, colourful and some of them have explored [...]

Class 4 does Comic Relief!

Have a read of some of our acrostic poems; they are lovely!

Non-Uniform & Comic Relief…

Friday; It's Comic Relief Day! Some of the School Council children last week asked if we could wear non uniform for Comic Relief... with the 'theme' being colourful clothes! YES you can!! Bring a donation in (there'll be a tub in each classroom) but do also click the link below for ease. https://www.comicrelief.com/rednoseday/