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Newsletter … week-ending 15.1.2021 … issue No.485

What’s on? ... Week ending 15th January 2021 …issue no. 485 We're changing little things here and there at school, like the registers being taken online using Google Sheets rather than the 'old fashioned' books that get handled by many children and adults before finally handing to Jo, and also some HUGE changes here such as our remote provision through [...]

Remote Learning surveys….

Thanks to the many of you who have emailed and passed on such positive comments so far... but we really want to check in with everyone and see if it's all going ok for you, and so we've created a survey for each of our four classrooms (links at the bottom).  They'd only take you 5 minutes for your child's [...]

In Class 4, we collaborate!

This week we have begun our new topic: Our World. We’ve started by brushing up on our map-reading skills (as you will see, we are fabulous at this), looking at where we live and how climates differ according to where on Earth we are. We have independently researched and shared our learning with each other on our Google Classroom, and [...]

Class 4’s new residents…

After many (many!) weeks of nagging by our lovely bigger children, here they are - a bunch of 10 pretty, if slightly eclectically-named, new class members. Meet... Attenborough Fluffy (!) Clive Mego Neo Coco Michael Simon Bobble Jimmy Right, who’s first to clean them out?!

Friday 8th’s Celebration Assembly…

Here's our Celebration Assembly for this week. I'll place it into Google Classrooms in a mo, but I thought you'd like to see it via the blog too as you may miss it otherwise!  After all, it's a nice celebration of the week that we've had.  (Well done everyone!) Plus, it's only 7minutes long.            [...]

Some help sheets…

Our staff are working incredibly hard navigating through Google's full range of software so that they can provide work, but also work out how to show and explain for the children at school, as well as for those at home, the learning for the day.  We're 'sharing screens' and we're attempting to use two monitors so that we can see [...]

Remote learning – update from today

Dear Parents / Carers Thank you for all of the support with our remote learning today. It's gone really well and we're tweaking things our end to make it run as smoothly as possible! One quick thing for tomorrow; please could you make sure that when you join the Google Meet, you are logged in as your child and not [...]

MrT’s Video Blog (vlog)…

I wanted to do this yesterday, but I was a bit busy!  I also wanted to do one for the children... I'll do so tomorrow! Here's a link to a video I've placed in a shared folder for you.  You don't need to join or like etc... just click the link and play.  (I don't waffle too much, honest!) Please [...]

January lockdown details…

Thanks for being patient with us. We've done a huge amount of work today and have finally received guidelines from the DfE and are a little better prepared for the week. Schools aren't closed, and in fact they're open to many families.... Quite a worry when this is supposed to be a lockdown that limits movement and transmission rates of [...]

Remote Learning Provision as of Wednesday 6th January

Dear Parents and Carers Thank you for bearing with us today while we have been organising ourselves ready for remote learning - we really appreciate your patience! Here is a brief overview of what we will be offering all at home children: Reception and KS1 - morning activities - 9:30-10:00am online Google Meet for the register, introduction to today's task [...]