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Heating issues…

Open as normal, but we DO have heating issues at school. Only classes 2, 3 & 4 will probably have to keep extra jumpers on for the morning, but thankfully, classrooms do heat up with children's energy by midday! If you have an electric heater at home that you could lend us - do please bring it in to school. [...]

Pancake Races… AKA ‘What’s “Shrove” mean again??’

Today, we managed to get out and run across the playground with tortillas wraps on frying pans, to lots and lots of cheers and applause from the rest of the school. I bet this was SO confusing for our Preschoolers who came to watch!! Keri also made a whole load of pancakes for school lunches and they had a couple [...]

What’s on w/e 14.02.20

Whatson 466.pdf

Gliddon and Squire Cross Country League… Blows Out in Style….

The last event in the 2019/20 league saw a reduced team of Kitty, Elfini and Presley battle windy and very muddy conditions at West Buckland School to complete their final cross country run of the league.  They all battled well despite some injuries (Kitty) and a lot of mud.  At the end of the run the annual prize giving saw [...]

Our School Council… on food.

Our School Council meetings take place every month so that I can share my thoughts and make some decisions alongside representatives from every class.  They, in turn, read minutes back to the rest of their class and discuss the items we spoke about. For a while now, some of the year 6 children have made comments about portion sizes being [...]

Double Trouble!

This week we have started looking at multiplication. Reception have been learning how to double numbers! We've been using our doubling machine to help us. We also went outside and used different objects to show doubles, we each had a go at writing the number sentence to go with it. Year 1s have been building arrays. We started looking at [...]

Inspired Playgrounds…

Most children were involved in lots of activity and games on our new playground markings today. Apart from being Martha's Dad, Ben Cox is the lead coach for 'Inspired Playgrounds' and he came in to help us all with an additional free session. Ben led the children in some playground sessions, helped explain how to use the markings to our [...]

We also do first aid…

Tonight is the school's second and final session on first aid training, with Liz Greenway from Abbeymead Safety Training. We're again, going to be trained up for a further three years - pretty much all our staff, including our football coach parents. Personally, I've possibly had up to 30 years of continuously being first aid trained, and I've got to [...]

Playing in the Willow…

We know the Willow has a bit of growing to do before the houses, tunnel and discovery wall are complete. However, we couldn't resist taking the children up to the Forest Village today to show them. We are so glad that we did. The children were so excited about the new structures and it filled us with so much joy [...]

Willow structures…

I wonder what the children will think of the willow structures that started to get woven together yesterday, up in the Forest Village? Thanks to Holly, Ted, Mandy, Mark and Pete for spending time in the cold, up behind Stepping Stones. The whole place is coming along beautifully! :-)