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Our Small Town

This afternoon we decided to design our own miniature town. First, we came up with a list of things we wanted to feature in our town; play park, campsite, fishing lake, rivers, roads and a car park! We then worked together as a group to make it. We used black card for the road, tissue paper for the lake, shiny [...]

John Dougherty – there’s a pig up my nose!

Yesterday, Classes 1 and 2 were invited to the hall for a visit from the author John Dougherty. The children were enthralled for the entire hour as they laughed, gasped and sang. We listened to the story 'There's a pig up my nose' and even got to be the 'backing pig choir' for the books theme tune! The children left [...]

A few highlights from the last two weeks!

Parent helpers – we need you!

We're looking for a team of helpers to help weed and tidy up the Forest Village during half term. Please get in touch with Miss Smale, Harriet or Mandy if you're able to help at all. Thank you :-)

Taster morning in class 1

We had a lovely morning with the pre-school children for their transition taster in class 1. Although they've spent lots of time in class 1 already, it was nice for them to have the room to themselves and have a good explore! We played some speaking and listening games, created our own 'all about me' poster and practiced our scissor [...]

Olympic Day!

Tuesday was our Olympic Day for Bubble 1! For our opening cermony, we marched around the running track waving our flags and chanting for the different countries. We then split off into our country groups and took part in a variety of Olympic activities. We had javelin, beanbag toss, long jump, hurdles and a cycle race. We worked well as [...]

Penalty Shoot-Out!

Whilst we were busy making our England flags this afternoon, we decided to go outside for our own penalty shoot-out! Harry your heart out!

Beach day!

What an amazing day we have all had - the children were absolutely fantastic! We even had one member of the public say how lovely it was to hear and see children having such fun together. We had a brilliant sandcastle competition with many categories including; the spookiest, the deepest hole, the tallest, the most many winners! [...]

Releasing the butterflies!

  On Tuesday we had the excitement of 2 butterflies emerging from their chrysalis! On Wednesday, we noticed that another two chrysalides had gotten darker, which meant the next two butterflies were getting ready! By Thursday morning we had four butterflies, we fed them bits of orange. Today we took them outside to release them! Three of the [...]

Moving the chrysalides!

We learnt a new word yesterday - 'chrysalides' - which means more than one chrysalis! It's a bit tricky to say...(even Miss Smale keeps getting it wrong!!) We moved the chrysalides out of the cup (which was mostly caterpillar poo by this point). It was a bit scary because they are so delicate and we had to make sure we [...]