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Beach Day & Year 2 Sleepover!

Class 1 and 2 had a great day at the beach on Thursday! We had a long walk from the school to Putsborough beach. First, we made sandcastles and had a kick around with the football. Before we had our lunch we went to explore the rock pools. We found; crabs, jellyfish and coral! After lunch, we had our sandcastle [...]

Mini-beasts at Rosemoor

Classes 1 and 2 had a fantastic day at Rosemoor today. Despite the weather, we went rummaging through the woods on a mini-beast hunt. More photos and details to follow on Monday. Thank you to all of our helpers today!

Class 1 – Request a Selfie!

This week we started a new activity. It's called 'Request a Selfie!' During their independent learning time, if they have made or done something that they are proud of, they can request a selfie! If they clip one of the cameras to their work, we will email it home to show you. This has encouraged some fantastic pieces of writing [...]

We’re going on a minibeast hunt…

We've started to learn about minibeasts and their habitats. We talked about what 'habitat' means and how different minibeasts need different places to live! Today, we went on a minibeast hunt! We found; snails, ants, woodlice, bees, ladybirds, spiders and worms!

Practical multiplying in class one!

This week, the year 1's  have started looking at multiplication. We started looking at repeated addition and counting in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s. Today, we started building arrays to help us multiply! We took cones and some chalk outside, and began solving multiplication sentences. It was tricky at first, but by the end we all had 'double thumbs [...]

Are you interested in training to become a teacher?

Our school is part of a growing number of schools within the Teaching School Alliance that is leading the way for more school-led teacher training.  This is really important to us because it means we can choose the very best talent and develop them into teachers.  Being able to choose who we train as teachers helps us in delivering the [...]

ANZAC Bake Off in Classes 1 and 2

Classes One and Two had a great day making ANZAC Biscuits as part of our Australian Topic. These biscuits were originally sent out to the New Zealand and Australian troops in Gallipoli. They are really delicious and we hope you enjoy them at home!

Fire Safety Talk for Year 1 and 2

The Fire Brigade came to give a talk to Year 1 and 2 today. Your child should have a really good idea of what the service does and how to keep safe. Stop, drop and roll!

Making a didgeridoo!

We had so much fun learning about and making our own didgeridoo! We watched some videos of different people playing the didgeridoo and we each had a go on a real one. We used Aboriginal dot painting to decorate our didgeridoo, we worked carefully on different patterns and styles. We covered our cardboard tubes with brown paper and then used [...]

Investigating absorbent materials – Class 1

We've been looking at the different types of materials in Science. Today, we investigated which types of materials are absorbent and which are not. We talked about the types of materials we would use if we were going to mop up a spilled drink and which ones would not work. In our experiment we used; sponge, paper, cotton wool, plastic [...]