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Which material works best for a house?

This afternoon we were testing materials to see which would be the best for building a house. We made our first house out of sugar cubes...but then we watched them dissolve when it rained! Next, we tried cotton wool...but it only absorbed the water. We decided the best material was the bricks as it was the only one that kept [...]

My boomerang won’t come back!! (Literally)

We tried lots of different throwing techniques...but sadly, our boomerang didn't come back! Lots of fun though :D

Christmas crafts and stories!

This afternoon we were busy making some christmas tree decorations. We used lollypop sticks and pom poms to make our own mini christmas tree! We've just got to add the star to the top and we'll be finished! We then ended the afternoon with a Christmas story - with an added extra of a Christmas Fireplace to make it warm [...]

The latest update…

Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your continued support.  I think we have done an amazing job in our community at keeping safe and I really appreciate your help.  I am also really proud and appreciative of our staff and children for doing so well over this term, working hard and trying their best during a time that’s been understandably and [...]

Children in Need Day 2020

We are so thankful for what we have and have had a wonderful day together. Here's a snapshot of our day... we are so lucky to have each other, our school and our fantastic families and friends. (Click the link for Class 4 and turn up your volume!).

The Nativity Story

This afternoon, Miss Tucker showed the children The Nativity Story. They even had a go at dressing up and acting out the story!

Bonds to 5!

This morning we were busy looking at how many different ways we could make the number 5. We used a five frame with blue and red counters to make different patterns. Some of us had a go at writing the number sentences to match it!

Role-Play Phonics!

We had fun this morning when some of the children decided to put on their own phonics lesson! They were even giving out imaginary stickers and prizes to those who were working hard.

Crib On The Green…

Coming up to Christmas, we won't be able to gather and walk around the village to collect our Nativity Characters as in previous years. But Christmas will still happen, even if very differently, and we want to give this Nativity to our community to brighten up all our Christmases! It always thrills me, as Rector, how creative our families are [...]

Weather Reporters!

This afternoon we were learning about seasons and weather. We talked about the different types of weather we might see throughout the different seasons. We even watched an epic thunderstorm - which was just a little bit scary! Some of us then had a turn at being weather reporters. 'You might need a raincoat today because it's raining. Over here, [...]