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This week’s update… AND SURVEY PLEASE>

Dear parent / Guardian We hope that you and your families are keeping well through these difficult times. Since my last blog, I have been working through the government guidance relating to the possible partial reopening of schools from 1st June.  The guidance is still unfolding and we are working extremely hard to consider all the questions it presents and trying [...]

19th April update…

Here's a video - please click to watch and listen. We're listening to everyone and we're adapting our offer to suit as many of our families and children as we can. It’s been lovely to see what children and families have been doing, and so we're fully embracing the Google Classroom environment and making use of it as fully [...]

Happy Easter – new start…

Happy Easter everyone! I've shared another video for you, explaining our new term and the new way we're going to be working for the foreseeable future.  You can access it by clicking this link.  There are two videos there actually, with the other being of the children singing the Spring Chicken song - that's a fun one!  I wonder if [...]

Prepping for Week 2…

Dear parents, Well done for managing a week's worth of learning at home. I bet it's had its challenges, but also some fun bits too - I have four boys of my own at home, so I know only too well how hard it can be! We're about to head into the school's 'Easter Break,' but it's not going to [...]

Reception Parents – Learning Journey!

Dear Parents, You should receive your child's learning journey for this term today. Those who are not yet set up to receive them, you should get an email from '2 Simple' asking you to accept an invitation. I would love to receive updates on what they get up to at home! Maybe they helped you bake a cake, practised some [...]

Home learning ideas…

AKA, musing of a headteacher. We’re sending out ideas and packs today… And we’ll be populating web pages… But we thought we could host a place where people could post ideas? I'm sure Pinterest and Facebook will help here too, but it's a thought; a possible helpful page? It's also un-moderated.  Please be thoughtful of the audience! Link here, for [...]

Composition in class one!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at rhythmic patterns. We created our own symbols - a circle showed one beat, a rectangle showed two beats and a triangle showed a 'rest'! We created our own rhythm patterns and had a go at clapping them - keeping in time with each other. Today, we each had our [...]

Our School Council… on food.

Our School Council meetings take place every month so that I can share my thoughts and make some decisions alongside representatives from every class.  They, in turn, read minutes back to the rest of their class and discuss the items we spoke about. For a while now, some of the year 6 children have made comments about portion sizes being [...]

Double Trouble!

This week we have started looking at multiplication. Reception have been learning how to double numbers! We've been using our doubling machine to help us. We also went outside and used different objects to show doubles, we each had a go at writing the number sentence to go with it. Year 1s have been building arrays. We started looking at [...]

Willow structures…

I wonder what the children will think of the willow structures that started to get woven together yesterday, up in the Forest Village? Thanks to Holly, Ted, Mandy, Mark and Pete for spending time in the cold, up behind Stepping Stones. The whole place is coming along beautifully! :-)