Our School Day

Our school day starts at 8.55am when the bell is rung on the front playground.  Children line up in their classes and walk into the school accompanied by their teacher.   We ask that children arrive no earlier than 8.45am, which all together provides a 10-minute window to ensure you’re on time.

Morning break is at 10.30 and lunchtime begins at 12 noon for children in Classes 1 and 2 and 12.15pm for children in Classes 3 and 4.  Afternoon classes commence at 1.15pm.

School finishes at 3.15pm and children can be collected from the front playground.  Class 1 children will be handed over to parents, close to the front door of the school, by the class teacher and TA.  Our staff monitor the school gates to ensure that children do not leave unaccompanied.  Please do let us know if your child will be going home with someone different (a friend, grandparent etc).

Attendance and Punctuality

We expect 100% attendance and punctuality from all our pupils and our minimum target is 96.5% attendance (to factor in unavoidable absence due to sickness).  This is important – any absence from school has been proven to have a detrimental effect not only on your child’s progress but on the progress of the class as a whole.  The time missed can never be made up and attempts at learning (on holiday) can never replicate the carefully planned schemes of work in a classroom where there’s a ‘learning buzz’ within their class.  It is also important that children arrive to school on time, in a relaxed manner ready for the day ahead – lateness can have a huge impact on how settled a child feels when they enter the classroom.

Following the changes in Education Regulations Act in 2013 holidays are no longer permitted.  An Absence Form must be completed prior to requesting time away from school and permission will only be granted where there’s exceptional need.  We recognise that this can be challenging for families, particularly as we live in an area where much of the economy depends on tourism.  We ask however, that you understand the effect time away from school has on your child’s education; that you respect the government guidelines; and appreciate our requirement to adhere to them.  We will ask parent’s whose children are regularly absent or take unauthorised absence for more than 5 days at a time to meet with Class Teachers to discuss the impact absence is having on their child and the other children in class.

If your child is unable to attend school (for example due to sickness) please call the School Office as soon as possible.  If your child is ill please allow sufficient time for them to recover before they return to school – in particular we ask that children observe the 48 hours clear after any Diarrhoea and Vomiting illnesses and that you seek medical advice on any infectious illnesses.

We are obliged to publish our attendance data.  Please click here for our most recent published data from the Department of Education or click here for a breakdown by Class and Year Group as well as information about punctuality.

Travel to School

We encourage families living in Georgeham or close by to walk or cycle/scoot to school.  Storage is provided for scooters, skateboards and bikes – we ask that you all wear helmets please!  If you are travelling to school by car from Croyde or North Buckland please park in one of the village car parks and walk the last few metres to school.  If you are driving from the Baggy Point side of Croyde, Putsborough or Pickwell please park your car on Putsborough Road.  Please note that the Parish Council have asked us to respect ‘residents only’ requests relating to parking in Putsborough Close.

It is illegal, but also dangerous for children (and quite annoying to other parents) to stop or drop off children in the zig zag zone immediately outside of the school.