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John Dougherty – there’s a pig up my nose!

Yesterday, Classes 1 and 2 were invited to the hall for a visit from the author John Dougherty. The children were enthralled for the entire hour as they laughed, gasped and sang. We listened to the story 'There's a pig up my nose' and even got to be the 'backing pig choir' for the books theme tune! The children left [...]

Class 2 Storm Watermouth Castle

Class 2 had a fantastic day out exploring Watermouth Castle. We saw towers, battlements, arrow slots and flags as well as how a kitchen would have been in a grand castle. In the castle we found the doll’s house made by Keri’s gran (our school cook). All the children had so much fun on all the rides and we were [...]

Olympic Day!

Tuesday was our Olympic Day for Bubble 1! For our opening cermony, we marched around the running track waving our flags and chanting for the different countries. We then split off into our country groups and took part in a variety of Olympic activities. We had javelin, beanbag toss, long jump, hurdles and a cycle race. We worked well as [...]

Peace At Last

We had a little while longer on the beach once the Reception and Year 1s had headed home. We played some races and a few team games altogether and then we started the long trek back to school. It was hard, but they all did amazingly. We had a scrummy dinner altogether cooked by Keri - burgers, hotdogs [...]

Beach day!

What an amazing day we have all had - the children were absolutely fantastic! We even had one member of the public say how lovely it was to hear and see children having such fun together. We had a brilliant sandcastle competition with many categories including; the spookiest, the deepest hole, the tallest, the most many winners! [...]

Releasing the butterflies!

  On Tuesday we had the excitement of 2 butterflies emerging from their chrysalis! On Wednesday, we noticed that another two chrysalides had gotten darker, which meant the next two butterflies were getting ready! By Thursday morning we had four butterflies, we fed them bits of orange. Today we took them outside to release them! Three of the [...]

Fun in the sun!

It may not have been Rosemoor, but we had lots of fun at the park this morning. We were so lucky with the weather! We worked in pairs to find different minibeasts; we found black beetles, ants, woodlouse and butterflies! We talked about the different habitats that each minibeast has and where would be a good place to look for [...]

Rosemoor Trip – Cancelled

Dear Parents, Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to cancel the Rosemoor trip arranged for classes 1 and 2 tomorrow. We have been informed that the road between Barnstaple & Torrington is closed all week, which would have meant the coach being diverted through Bideford. The journey time is therefore significantly increased and would have meant that the time [...]

Real life wasp nest!

We found a wasp nest hanging from the ceiling in the corner of our Wendy House. We carefully (checking there weren't any wasps inside) brought it inside to have a look. We couldn't believe how soft and papery it felt. We cut it in half to see the empty cells. It was perfect timing for our minibeast topic!! :-) [...]

The latest update…

Dear Parents/Carers, Thank you for your continued support.  I think we have done an amazing job in our community at keeping safe and I really appreciate your help.  I am also really proud and appreciative of our staff and children for doing so well over this term, working hard and trying their best during a time that’s been understandably and [...]