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Infant Music Festival

After a slight hiccup, Class 2 arrived at the Infant Music Festival in Braunton. We were first up with our song "Number Bus" in front of hundreds of people! The children were amazing and sang so loudly despite being the smallest school there. Our two soloists did a fantastic job in front of everyone! It was lovely listening to the [...]

Thank you to our lovely Year 1s!

The Year 1 children came for a peer reading session with the Reception children today and they all loved it!  

Space Dome…!

What a wonderful day... Simon, from Callington Space Centre, brought the Space Dome to the chapel and we all had a visit throughout the day. We were able to sit back, even lie down, and have a 360° view of our planet, solar system, the space station and much, much more. Here's just a few photos of what we saw [...]

Wow what an afternoon! And the total raised is…

A HUGE thank you to everyone for their donations today - we have raised a massive £209.61 to fund new releases for our libraries! It was such an exciting afternoon & the children loved choosing and paying for their new stories. We hope you all enjoy your new books tonight! Finally, the biggest thank you (and well done) needs to [...]

Pantos are LIVE !

Late yesterday, I emailed parents of almost all of our children with a link to the Pantos that their child was in. Hopefully these have come through to your inbox successfully, but do get in touch if you've not received your link. Filming was easy (thanks to Sam Humble Smith for the tripod!), editing took some time and then we [...]

Plastic-Free Poppies!

In Class 2 we made some plastic-free poppies using card and pastels for  Remembrance Day today. Thanks for the inspiration Nanny/Granny Ya-Ya!

John Dougherty – there’s a pig up my nose!

Yesterday, Classes 1 and 2 were invited to the hall for a visit from the author John Dougherty. The children were enthralled for the entire hour as they laughed, gasped and sang. We listened to the story 'There's a pig up my nose' and even got to be the 'backing pig choir' for the books theme tune! The children left [...]

Class 2 Storm Watermouth Castle

Class 2 had a fantastic day out exploring Watermouth Castle. We saw towers, battlements, arrow slots and flags as well as how a kitchen would have been in a grand castle. In the castle we found the doll’s house made by Keri’s gran (our school cook). All the children had so much fun on all the rides and we were [...]

Olympic Day!

Tuesday was our Olympic Day for Bubble 1! For our opening cermony, we marched around the running track waving our flags and chanting for the different countries. We then split off into our country groups and took part in a variety of Olympic activities. We had javelin, beanbag toss, long jump, hurdles and a cycle race. We worked well as [...]

Peace At Last

We had a little while longer on the beach once the Reception and Year 1s had headed home. We played some races and a few team games altogether and then we started the long trek back to school. It was hard, but they all did amazingly. We had a scrummy dinner altogether cooked by Keri - burgers, hotdogs [...]