What Do We Need and Where Do We Get It?

In discussing the children’s thoughts on the school’s values, the School Council came across the word Koinonia on the National Society’s website.  It’s an old Greek word that doesn’t have a simple English definition to it, only that it’s something to do with being part of a close-knit community participating in shared activity.  The children came to the decision that its meaning was similar to what is represented by our school uniform – showing that we’re committed to being part of our community.

We take pride in our appearance and the children respond well to the sense of identification and belonging that it gives them.  As a bonus, it also has a positive impact on behaviour and attitude to learning.

Red sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo
Grey trousers/grey shorts or grey skirt/pinafore dress
(Being a coastal school, boys do like to wear shorts all year round!)
Red gingham dress/skirt in summer (optional)
White shirt/white blouse or white polo T-shirt (available with school logo)
Grey/white or black socks or tights
Black school shoes.

Sensible footwear is vital for children to play safely and also for their feet to grow properly therefore we would like children to wear dark plain, flat shoes with no heels.

Black shorts
Joggers or leggings (black)
Round necked red T-shirt with school logo

PE Shoe Bag (logo PE bags are available)

Book bags, PE bags, hats and some pieces of uniform are available to buy from school.

School sweatshirts, cardigans, PE T-shirts, book bags, PE bags and hats can be purchased from Samuel Daws & Co, in Cross Street, Barnstaple (01271 342139)

or by visiting their website www.schoolthreads.org/georgeham-primary.

Please make sure your child’s uniform is labelled as it’s depressing to see the lost property pile up and recycled at the end of the year!
Jewellery is not allowed apart from watches and stud earrings, both of which should be removed for PE sessions.
Please ensure that long hair is tied up!