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Bikeability Level 1 and 2

Our Yr5s have been out this week on their bikes learning lots about their riding skills, road safety and bits of the Highway Code too. Level 1 had them all put through their paces out on the playground, starting, stopping swerving, emergency stopping and also trying to master riding with just one arm on the handlebar. Level 2 was much [...]

Class 4 story…

Hey Class 4. Ms Dando says hello, but she also feels bad for not finishing the story off. Do you want to hear to the end? Come, click the link!

Year 5&6 Coordinates…

We reminded ourselves what coordinates were in our Booster Session this morning, but also how they develop through the years at school so that, by the time that children get to year 6, we're working out complex 4-figure coordinates in all four quadrants! Our whiteboard scribbles and worksheets mean almost nothing unless you were part of the session itself or [...]

Year 5 being adventurous on Lundy..

Year 5 will be writing their own blog entry for their residential, but here's a video of what they got up to on Lundy.

Lundy, part 2; The Whole Story!

We are Kind... We are Curious... We are Confident... We are Community... We are Adventurous... We are Ambitious...

Lundy, Day 1, part 1…

Woke up, long journey, excited kids, flat water, no dolphins, grumpy passengers ("children"), light house, stone stacking, skimming, beach cleaning, Lundy cabbages (and their beetles), church, games, settling in, choosing beds, table making, food chopping, cheese grating, pizza making... and quiet. I wish.

Year 5’s boosting…

Another booster session with year 5s this morning where we recapped how to do division by chunking it away. We started with 452 cubes and they were very quickly bored of repeatedly taking away 3... How about taking away 30, or 60 someone asked! 😁 Brilliant... how about a whole 300?! We also reviewed some of our writing and worked [...]

5’s Boosters…

Homophones ("same sound"), grammar, speech and general errors were the order of our year 5 booster yesterday. We tried to get to the bottom of WHY it's like that, but also clever ways to REMEMBER it so we use them in our writing! There, they're and their are common mistakes, and so is your and you're. Of and off also [...]

“Divibilivisibility” & Boosters….

A lovely focused session this morning on divisibility with year 5. Are ALL even numbers that end with 0, 2, 4, 6 & 8, divisible by 4? ...(No. What about 6... or 42?) We also revised word classes and sentence structure. That adverb at the start has something missing; can you work it out? Lastly, we upgraded the sentence to [...]

Georgeham Rock Monkeys Pull Some Shapes on a Wall

We're super proud of the fourteen awesome rock monkeys (previously known as children from Georgeham School) who took part in the South West Inter Schools Climbing Competition at Rock and Rapid this weekend, competing against over 100 children from primary schools across Devon. Kindness. Confidence. Curiosity. Community. Adventure. Ambition. All the school values were on show today as our team [...]