Year 6

/Year 6

London… day 3

Science Museum's Wonderlab, a 'show' in the Natural History Museum, a look at lots of vehicles in the Transport Museum and a lot of stress about where to spend pocket money - which of the three gift shops to use??!! (And awkwardly, you can't go back to the first!!) Currently waiting for The Lion King to start!

Day 2…

The end of Day 2... Lots on, and tired legs, but Pizza & Brownies have kept the legs working :-)

London day 2, first half.

The seconf half of our Outdoor Day with children having their first experience of climbing and caving. Amazingly, the children saw a natural Straw in the artificial cave which was about 3 inches long. The photo though, is calcium drops collected up on a spider's web! Right... off to see if the Queen's in and ask if she's up for [...]

London day 1, part 2…

Dinner with chocolate brownie... and if that wasn't enough we went for a lovely walk down to Essex to find ice creams.

London… day 1 part 1

It was a warm lake and they all wanted to jump in! Trust Georgeham to bring such confident and adventurous children!

Letter from Braunton Academy

We've just received a letter from Fay Bowler and Mark Juby, the Principal and Chair of Governors, at Braunton Academy. It explains some of the decisions the Governors have been making over the past year about applications for year 6 and overall school places. We've just started our new 1/2 term school value of 'We Are A Community' and it [...]

Reading prizes…!

Some of Class 4 came and showed me the lovely bookmarks that they were given for filling up their first page of their reading log. What lovely scratch art bookmarks!

Braunton School – Open Evening

Braunton School has its Open Evening next Thursday, the 23rd September for our current year 6s to have a look round. To manage this safely, the Academy are staggering entry for the Primary Schools with Georgeham (and Kingsacre and Marwood) allocated the arrival time of 7.30pm, and limiting numbers from each household to the Year 6 child and two other [...]

Year 6s on Lundy

Hopefully, this YouTube link will work. Here's the year 6s on their residential to Lundy.

Year 6s on Lundy…

Ok, so we've all possibly unpacked and managed to recoup some sleep now, so I thought it time to download the GoPro footage and have fun compiling a video (it takes ages so bear with me) but also to download the photos and post a blog about the Yr 6's amazing trip! Some interesting points about this trip... Tuesday... a [...]