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Class 3 WW2 workshop day…

Class 3 had a great day with Tom learning about life in WW2 today. We found out about rationing and life on the homefront as well as working out who was the spy in our classroom (It was the innocent looking Kitty!!). After lunch we had to decipher morse code messages to drop provisions at the correct coordinates on the [...]

Class 3 catch the train to Exeter museum…

Last Wednesday class 3 had an exciting day out when we caught the train to Exeter museum to take part in a series of workshops on our topic of Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the animals of Ancient Egypt, met the museum's own mummy Shep-an-Mut, played a traditional Ancient Egyptian game and even learnt how to mummify! We also had [...]

Romans Invade Georgeham School

Class 3 enjoyed a great day with our Roman workshop last Wednesday. We traveled 2,000 years back in time to the year 49CE. We became part of the proud tribe of Britons who lived in Devon at this time called the Dumnonii (dum-no-nie-ee). It was a great way to find out what life was like in Britain during the Roman [...]

So, nobody fancies a nice lie in!?

  Unbelievably, most of class 3 were up (showered!!) dressed and packed up before 7.15 -  and some were up WAY before then! Everyone slept well and there are lots of smiles and hungry tummies. Breakfast isn't until 8!

Class 3’s first day @ St George’s House

Well, we couldn't really have asked for a more perfect day....beautiful weather, stunning scenery and glassy blue sea to surf in.

Class 3 visit Chapel Wood to find out about Britain’s woodlands

Class 3 picked a perfect day to visit Chapel Woods with the National Trust today - the sun even came out this afternoon! We were on a research mission to find out about the threats to Britain's woodland habitats, and the plants and animals that live there. Josh and the National Trust team showed us how how to work out [...]

Class 3 go to Tarka Tennis

Class 3 had a great time at Tarka Tennis last week...... Next stop Wimbledon!!

Class 1 and 2 Pickwell Farm Trip

Classes 1 and 2 had a great morning out at Pickwell Barton. We walked over the back fields and met the farmer Andrew Cook and his son Peter, (both former pupils!) We saw the tiny barley crop with its roots and shoot coming from the seed. Walking across towards the farm we were rewarded with fantastic views towards Lundy overlooked [...]

2nd time lucky….! Class 3 WW2 Day

Class 3 were lucky to have a lovely day for our WW2 workshop today and we had a great time finding out about life for children and evacuees, drills, Morse code and code breaking as well has having the opportunity to hold and investigate different artifacts. We learnt to spot who might be a spy  (who would have suspected innocent [...]

Class 3 @ Cheddar Gorge

Class 3 had a great day visiting Cheddar man (who is 10,000 years old) today. We walked through Gough's cave which was inhabited by Cheddar man and his people over 10,000 years ago and learnt that its constant air temperature of 11 degrees made it a great place to live when winter temperatures at that time in Britain could reach [...]