Kitchen Closed – this week.

Sadly, we have to close the kitchen for this coming week, due to Covid-19. Please come to school with a packed lunch instead. Covid has certainly arrived at our village school now and we've sent PHE's 'Warn and Inform' letter out to two classes this week.  For those who don't know, with staff shortages, we've also had to close the [...]

Lego kits needed…

We've started some Lego sessions at school but we're in need of some sets.  Before we purchase these (it'll soon mount up!) we wondered if there were any Lego sets unused on a shelf somewhere in our wider community that could be donated to school? We're looking for any boxsets really, but the age appropriate 5 - 12 would be [...]

Space Dome…!

What a wonderful day... Simon, from Callington Space Centre, brought the Space Dome to the chapel and we all had a visit throughout the day. We were able to sit back, even lie down, and have a 360° view of our planet, solar system, the space station and much, much more. Here's just a few photos of what we saw [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 17th September 2021 … issue 510

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Maya Maynard Class 2… William Hill-Dymond Class 3… Tilly Kennedy Class 4… Jasper Hill-Haimes Staff Shout-Out… Miss Smale for providing a great start to the EYFS children    This ½ term’s school value is… We are Kind “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”  Luke 6 v.31   Our children [...]

Welcome back! (almost there)

I hope you’ve had a good and relaxing summer break.  We’re almost there... but we're all looking forward to having the children back and seeing their smiling faces! As I said when we finished in the summer, I am writing this to confirm arrangements for the start of the new term on Tuesday the 7th. I’m sure many of you will [...]

20/21’s Final Newsletter … issue 508

Well, we finally made it!  I’m quite surprised we managed to get to the last day without too much of a hiccup, especially when you hear about the Covid storm that seems to be brewing close by! This school year has certainly been the most difficult that I’ve ever had to navigate.  We’d already experienced a 6-month teaser in to [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 16th July 2021 … issue 507

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Reuben Brooks Class 2… Hallie Osborne Class 3… Henry Smith Class 4… Benjy Kennard Staff Shout-Out… Mr Thomas and Mrs Rinvolucri (Thanks for doing the assembly today Miss Smale... and thanks for the shout-out!) Please be really careful over the next week (even more than you have been over the last 18 months (thank [...]


What’s on our school’s wish-list and how can you help?  [link]  So when Santa offers to make a special case for your school (out of his usual wintry seasonable months), you need to get busy and take him up on his kind offer!  If your hard-earned cash has been burning a hole in your pocket over the last year, deprived [...]

Contact tracing over the Easter holidays…

The DfE have asked that children and parents (and staff) get in touch with us if symptoms start, or there's a positive case of Coronavirus, within two days of being at school. That's Friday and Saturday for symptoms, and a positive result that could possibly be returned as late Wednesday, that you contact us please... at We would then [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 5th March 2021 … issue 491

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Oscar Humble-Smith (and Dad) Class 2… Violet Rampe Class 3… Evie Buck Class 4… Ilsa Cameron ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too… If you’ve not heard yet from newsletters, assemblies, Meets or Classrooms, we’re really looking forward to seeing all of our children back next week!   What an appropriate term to [...]