Shed volunteers…?

Have you got a small amount of time right at the end of the day this Wednesday, to help clear out our Preschool shed? 2.45pm if you do. Sadly, the shed roof has been damaged and much of its contents is now perished and mostly unsalvageable. We need to clear it and move the contents up to the Forest School [...]

Lego kits needed…

We've started some Lego sessions at school but we're in need of some sets.  Before we purchase these (it'll soon mount up!) we wondered if there were any Lego sets unused on a shelf somewhere in our wider community that could be donated to school? We're looking for any boxsets really, but the age appropriate 5 - 12 would be [...]

Space Dome…!

What a wonderful day... Simon, from Callington Space Centre, brought the Space Dome to the chapel and we all had a visit throughout the day. We were able to sit back, even lie down, and have a 360° view of our planet, solar system, the space station and much, much more. Here's just a few photos of what we saw [...]

Hedge planting

Jon Gething got his hands on some trees and bushes for the community (recently planted on the Glebefields) but he had plenty left over and so he offered them to our school.  We jumped at the chance, as there so much potential with what we could do with them.  Thanks very much Jon! Class 4 had a debate about where [...]

Plastic-Free Poppies!

In Class 2 we made some plastic-free poppies using card and pastels for  Remembrance Day today. Thanks for the inspiration Nanny/Granny Ya-Ya!

Christmas Shoeboxes

There are only a couple of days left to bring in your shoeboxes for the Christmas Shoebox appeal. (Let's have the weekend included and have Monday as the absolute deadline!) Please do have a look at the leaflets that came home, or this link here… Some of you grabbed an MDF nativity character this morning from Rev. Mike.  These will [...]

Harvest items…

We've one more week left for collecting up items for Harvest. These will be heading off to St. George's Church after school next Friday, and then on to the local Food banks. Here's 2 carrier bags' worth already! Thank you! We'd love to keep the tradition of donating cash with these items too please. Rather than (we used to) sellotape [...]

Year 6s on Lundy

Hopefully, this YouTube link will work. Here's the year 6s on their residential to Lundy.

Year 6s on Lundy…

Ok, so we've all possibly unpacked and managed to recoup some sleep now, so I thought it time to download the GoPro footage and have fun compiling a video (it takes ages so bear with me) but also to download the photos and post a blog about the Yr 6's amazing trip! Some interesting points about this trip... Tuesday... a [...]

Year 5’s on Lundy

I've caught up on my sleep now, so I thought some children, parents & community would like to see some of the photos of our residential. A great trip that saw the children navigating around the island, as well as cleaning, food prepping and working as a team.