DIY (with lots of help!)

It was going to be a DIY and tidying up kind of day, but I ended up having lots of help! There was an awful lot of wood left over after the installation of the EYFS canopy and some of the year 5 and 6 children had thought about making an eco cabin out of it... so that's how it [...]

Crib On The Green…

Coming up to Christmas, we won't be able to gather and walk around the village to collect our Nativity Characters as in previous years. But Christmas will still happen, even if very differently, and we want to give this Nativity to our community to brighten up all our Christmases! It always thrills me, as Rector, how creative our families are [...]

New and shiny things!!

It's so lovely when the sun's out and the children get to enjoy our outside environment fully. I think we've blogged a photo of the New Crinkle Crags Climber?  The photo that above shows last year's Yr6 who managed to get a good two weeks' worth of playing on it before they left us for the summer.  The Climber replaces [...]


Don't forget, we're still collecting items for Harvest. Thank you to those that have brought items in so far. Any tins, packets or sachets from either the back of your cupboard, those that are surplus or something you buy on purpose for this... are all really appreciated, thank you! Produce will be taken to the local Food Bank by Rev. [...]

Class 1’s Cucumbers…!

Keri and Martina had a delivery of homegrown cucumbers in the kitchen today. So they were cleaned and prepped and put in the salad bar... I had them on my lunch too (very nice). Thanks to Class One who picked them and brought them over!

Newberry Road Footpath Project…

Crowd Funding Site Goes Live Today: (If you do nothing else, please “Like” it!) Hopefully you are aware that for the last two years one of our Governors, David Morton, has been helping progress a scheme proposed by another of our parents living on Longland Lane to construct a footpath along the edge of the Georgeham Village playing fields so [...]


Such a lovely thing, to be able to over to the local farm just down the road from us, catch up with the news about how the Yeo family are doing, fill them with news from school and to have the opportunity to see some baby lambs too. Appreciating our local community and seeing what's on in our local area [...]

Our School Council… on food.

Our School Council meetings take place every month so that I can share my thoughts and make some decisions alongside representatives from every class.  They, in turn, read minutes back to the rest of their class and discuss the items we spoke about. For a while now, some of the year 6 children have made comments about portion sizes being [...]

Willow structures…

I wonder what the children will think of the willow structures that started to get woven together yesterday, up in the Forest Village? Thanks to Holly, Ted, Mandy, Mark and Pete for spending time in the cold, up behind Stepping Stones. The whole place is coming along beautifully! :-)

Our Christingle Service…

Just a lovely evening's service. The Christingle - reminding us all about the wonderful world God made and having a candle to represent Jesus, the Light of the world. Thanks for coming and being safe with the candles! #WeAreCommunity