Harvest items…

We've one more week left for collecting up items for Harvest. These will be heading off to St. George's Church after school next Friday, and then on to the local Food banks. Here's 2 carrier bags' worth already! Thank you! We'd love to keep the tradition of donating cash with these items too please. Rather than (we used to) sellotape [...]

Year 6s on Lundy

Hopefully, this YouTube link will work. Here's the year 6s on their residential to Lundy.

Year 6s on Lundy…

Ok, so we've all possibly unpacked and managed to recoup some sleep now, so I thought it time to download the GoPro footage and have fun compiling a video (it takes ages so bear with me) but also to download the photos and post a blog about the Yr 6's amazing trip! Some interesting points about this trip... Tuesday... a [...]

Year 5’s on Lundy

I've caught up on my sleep now, so I thought some children, parents & community would like to see some of the photos of our residential. A great trip that saw the children navigating around the island, as well as cleaning, food prepping and working as a team.

Wave of Hope

We received many, brilliantly and very uniquely crafted handprints in to school earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who sent them in... below, is a gallery of photos of them! These will come together with other school children's handprints from the Braunton Learning Cooperative Trust, and will be on display on Friday, on the Tarka Trail, timed for the start [...]

Wave of Hope homework…

Something we heard about just as we were breaking up, is the 'Wave of Hope.' Children throughout the country, and certainly in Devon and Cornwall, are making a statement and creating a message for world leaders as the come together for the G7 summit in June. I know it's sunny, but if need an activity when you're hiding in the [...]

Save Our Trees!

It all started this morning when the children were tidying up the creative table. Holly said, "No, we can't waste paper because then we cut down more trees and we won't have any oxygen!" Myla said, "All the wasted paper that it's in the bin is wasted oxygen!" So, we came up with some ideas of what we could do [...]

Newsletter … week-ending… 14th May 2021 … issue 499

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Rory Brown Class 2… Bodhi Harris-Thompson Class 3… Rebecca Cameron Class 4… Martha Cox Staff Shout-out... Miss Smale and Miss Tucker ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! The DfE issued an update to the guidance on Monday evening but little has changed in terms of schools.  Here’s a brief summary of the [...]

Even Save The Spiders!

We were stormed by a huge swarm of horribly, large flies at lunchtime, and it inspired some to take drastic action! [Post Edit (thanks Matt)] Some jumped on, poked and splatted them, others started a chant to save them. Isla even wrote a persuasive poster - Save The Bugs... (and even save the spiders!) Save The Insects poster.pdfDownload

Newsletter … week-ending… 7th May 2021 … issue 498

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Rosumund Tonge Class 2… Marek Baraniak Class 3… Jet Stocks Class 4… Reuben Burrows ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too!    Our Eco Council met again this week and we’re continuing with our environmental review of the school.  There are still things that we need to do and it’s lovely that [...]