Jon Gething got his hands on some trees and bushes for the community (recently planted on the Glebefields) but he had plenty left over and so he offered them to our school.  We jumped at the chance, as there so much potential with what we could do with them.  Thanks very much Jon!

Class 4 had a debate about where was best to plant them and, given that we have a second batch coming in January, this was quite a hard thing to do given that we had a good 20metres to plant.

They had lots of good ideas but they finally voted for a new sheltered spot surrounding the Friendship Bench in the top corner of the field.  This beat the other ideas such as an entrance to the Gazebo, or a ‘football catcher’ on the edge of the field.

Class 2 also had a debate and came to the same conclusion… which was good, because they were the class who were planting them today!  Hopefully, they remember which one is theirs!

At lunchtime, Class 2 spent a lot of their time building up some defenses to protect the hedge from getting damaged!