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An Invitation !

Dear Grown-ups, we would like to invite you to come in to Class 2 on Thursday 6th March, which is World Book Day, and share your favourite children's story with us.  It can be old or new - we don't mind!!  Perhaps you could tell us why it is special to you? We hope you can join us at 1.45 [...]

Science Club

It has been a very busy time for the class 1 and 2 science club so I thought I'd put up a few pictures to show you some of the things we've done since Christmas! Our scary monsters made out of vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda! Lots of mixing to make lava lamps! [...]

Building excitement outside Class 2

Tim Capel-Creasey is back at Georgeham after building our lovely gazebo, to make a cover for the area outside Class 2. Building has only just started, with many funny noises coming through our wall this afternoon, but we can't wait to see how it progresses each day. We took these first photos as 'before' and we are sure it won't [...]

On the trail of the lost Log Book!

Classes 1 & 2 had a great start back at school after the half-term, we spent the morning in Braunton. After meeting at the Police Station and trying out various Police attire, handcuffs and batons (under close supervision of course), we then had a turn at sitting in a Police van inside the 'cage'! We were on the trail of [...]

Hand driers…

Had one of those moments in a motorway services loo where one of my boys screamed loudly at the sudden blast from the hand drier next to the sink we were using. My Starbucks went everywhere (nicely the lady gave me a replacement for free!) and there was huge embarrassment - froth everywhere and screaming kids! So, to help remedy [...]

Science- bringing a cardboard character to life!

In our science we having been finding out about electrical circuits and how to change the brightness of a bulb and draw circuit diagrams.  We have also tried to investigate how to make a bulb and motor work independently by using different types of circuits. Our task today was to create a character that could be brought to life using [...]

WW1 Remembrance event – You Tubed!

I hope you enjoy these.  They're just snippets from the rehearsals yesterday afternoon at the Queen's Theatre's Musical Festival of Remembrance for the WW1 commemorative events taking place this year. Hundreds of children involved over two days of events which were organised by Devon's Music Service and supported by some dedicated staff and some imaginative children. Yes it was moving, [...]

Music Festival of Remembrance…

Ok... I'm still working on some photos and even some You Tube links... but you'll see (or hear, at the moment) that it's worth it!  Really hope you enjoy these. Oh yes, do you remember that bit at the start that normally says 'no recording devices' etc...?  Well, this was all taken in the rehearsals, hence the quality and the [...]

Class 1 go to a Wedding!

As part of our RE this term we have been looking at different Celebrations so Tuesday 11th February 2014 was a very special day as we all attended the wedding of two of our class. The Bride was given away by her father (slightly younger version) and attended by two beautiful bridesmaids. The Groom was a little nervous but ably supported by his Best Man.The [...]

Singing at The Queens Theatre

I'm sitting in the Queen's Theatre (managed to get the wifi code) with the laptop on my lap... sorry about any quick spelling errors; horrible keyboard. At the moment Ilfracombe Rocks are practising 'Johnny Had Gone For a Soldier' ... oh my goodness me, they are excellent! We had our moment on the stage a few minutes ago and they [...]