Monthly Archives: October 2014


Our Solar Totaliser…

Class 3 had lots of ideas for our Solar Totaliser. They knew it should contain some sort of scale; that zero should be at the bottom and £15,000 should be at the top. They also had to plan how it would look; what it should be made from, what it should be decorated with and how to show the movement [...]

Lottie’s book review…

How do you like Lottie's book review? Would you chose to read this book? Posted from the 'Edublogs App for Android' whilst out and about.

Chapel Wood

Well done Classes 1 and 2! We had a lovely walk around Chapel Wood. We enjoyed looking at all the different trees and collected lots of leaves along the way..... A huge thanks to Beatrix for the juice and biscuits, which definitely helped with the journey home!! Great walking everyone!

Class 4 go to Arlington with the National Trust

Despite a dodgy weather forecast, class 4 set off for Arlington Court on Thursday morning for a day of outside art and den building. Luckily it stayed dry and we were able to get out in the woods to look for different colours in nature and create our own 'Bog Art' creatures in the trees using natural clay from the [...]

Operation Christmas Child…

We found out today that Mike used to pretend to be 007 and that he used to be able to pick locks! But I suppose some children CAN do this with the toys and gifts like our children mentioned in assembly this morning... but others, like those in the Ukraine, can't. How sad. Please collect some items together to fill [...]

Any artistic class 4 parents available tomorrow afternoon?

Class 4 are starting their Ancient Greek pots tomorrow afternoon and I just wondered if any parents would like to come in to help as we've only got 2 afternoons to get them done in... We are making them out of clay so it's likely to be messy. Let me know if you are interested! 1.15 to 3.15pm

We’re off to see The Wizard!

We're all ready for another amazing M&M Production. This time it is the Wizard of Oz! Thanks FROGS! After the show... Amie- "It was amazing!" Molly G- "Really good fun!" Mia- "I liked it when the curtain fell down and they had to improvise" A great show, although I must admit that I didn't know that the Wizard [...]

Our Harvest Celebration…

It was another lovely afternoon celebration at St. George's Church where we all got together and remembered to say thank you to those people around us and to God for all the food we have readily available.  Even if you are like Charlie and don't like sardines! There was a massive collection of produce that will go to BPAG (Encompass) [...]

Sunny arrives in Georgeham

Class 3 have been reading Meerkat Mail and are writing their own stories based on the book, which centres around a meerkat called Sunny. We were all excited to have a visit by a real life Sunny thanks to Steve at Exmoor Zoo's education department. Steve brought along several animals from around the world and explained their various [...]