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Which material works best as an umbrella?

In Science we have been learning about materials. We wanted to find out which materials were waterproof. We came up with an experiment to find the best material to use as an umbrella. We tested; paper, card, tissue, paper-towel, fabric and plastic. We each made our own predictions before we started. 'My prediction is that the cardboard is waterproof' 'My [...]

Class 3 catch the train to Exeter museum…

Last Wednesday class 3 had an exciting day out when we caught the train to Exeter museum to take part in a series of workshops on our topic of Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the animals of Ancient Egypt, met the museum's own mummy Shep-an-Mut, played a traditional Ancient Egyptian game and even learnt how to mummify! We also had [...]

What’s on w/e 24.01.20

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What’s on w/e 17.01.20

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Class 1 actually go to SPACE!

Yesterday, Class 1 had a real life (virtual) trip to Space!! Thank you to Holly in Stepping Stones who brought in her virtual reality headset! We each had a go at using the headset and it was amazing to see all of the planets, stars and even some satellites! We then had a go at drawing our own 'Space observation' [...]

How would you wash a fluffy penguin chick?

Class 2 were learning how to write instructions. We had lots of fun finding out how to do it and came up with some great ideas… e.g. someone thought it was going to be a ‘catastrophe’ ‘dunking’ him into the warm, bubbly, fresh water but some children came up with a great idea of adding salt and ice. Eventually, we [...]

Izzy the Ice-cube came to visit Class 2 from the South Pole today!

We needed to learn quickly how to protect her from the heat. We chose materials to wrap her in and created a fair test. We then made predictions about which one would be the winner. The materials were a woolly blanket, bubble wrap and tin foil. Which one do you think will be the winner…?   Everyone was surprised including [...]

Gliddon and Squire X Country League Round 5 – aka ‘The MUDDY one’

Georgeham's team of intrepid cross country runners were reduced in size but not in gusto this weekend with Martha, Jet and Presley flying the flag for the school team in the U11 and U9 races.  The event was the first of the year and the 5th in the season and took place at Shebbear College (in the middle of nowhere [...]

Stepping Stones off to a ZooOooMing start…

Hello and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! One week in and we have all been having a great time at Stepping Stones already. It has been lovely to come back and welcome some new faces. With that in mind, it seems like a good time to remind you that after Christmas we start to get a lot busier. [...]

What’s on w/e 10.01.20

-- Whatson 461.pdf