Last Wednesday class 3 had an exciting day out when we caught the train to Exeter museum to take part in a series of workshops on our topic of Ancient Egypt. We learnt about the animals of Ancient Egypt, met the museum’s own mummy Shep-an-Mut, played a traditional Ancient Egyptian game and even learnt how to mummify!

We also had the opportunity to see and handle authentic Ancient Egyptian artifacts that were over 4000 years old! It was a great experience and gave the children a taste of what this award-winning museum has to see – hopefully some of you will want to pop in again next time you are in Exeter!

Well done to class 3 who were all enthusiastic and well behaved, and a massive thanks to FROGS for subsidising the trip, to all the parents for contributing and sorting out lifts and especially to Kat, Richard and Norah for volunteering their time to come with us.