Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Vets and Fish and Chip Shop Opening in Class 1 – Help Needed!

In line with our topic I am hoping to set up a Fish and Chip Shop (possibly with an Ice Cream Parlour included) in the Wendy House and a Vet's Surgery in the outside den. If you happen to treat yourself this half term to some fish and chips (or a small tub of ice cream) please could you help [...]

Sleeping for Nepal…

I mentioned something in school recently, Mike may have mentioned something in Church too, but I do know that Daisy Upward came up with the idea of sleeping in the church and raising money after seeing the news about the earthquakes in Nepal. We all had a great and exciting time building our dens and nests with ridged roofs, cardboard [...]

London photos…

So here are some of the photos now that I have reliable WiFi! Day one spent travelling and settling in. Day two's activities and an evening in London. The whole of day three was spent in London.  Lots of museums and then Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! We had a relaxing start to the day for [...]

Class 1’s Very Own Life Cycle of a Butterfly

So here it is, the moment Class 1 have all been waiting for... our beautiful butterflies have come out to say hello! Yesterday morning, the stunning Red Admirals started to appear all sleepy eyed from their cocoons. They kept still for a while and gave their wings time to dry, we even saw bits of red (which looked a bit [...]

London Geocaching too…

Managed to get a sneaky Geocache in whilst the others play rounders, waiting for the train! ;-) 'Fallen Giants' on the River Lea Navigation

London day 3… Part 3!

Yet another 'tunnel' sorry, yes we need to walk up this road sorry, yes I know it's a far way, yes the tube took us as close as we could, yes we're doing the show tonight, no it's not a movie it's real people acting, I think it's like the film yes but they may have changed it slightly, I'm [...]

London day 3… Part 2

"I'm so tired I'm probably going to fall asleep in the movie, " said one of them whilst walking through the very hot dinosaur exhibition. It is very hot, I can't blame him! Sam, James and then everyone pretended to be Hercules holding up the world but again they were pleasantly surprised by the escalator going through the centre of [...]

Excitement at Exmoor Zoo!

Classes 1 & 2 had a really lovely day at Exmoor Zoo yesterday. The weather held out for us and we only had to shelter from the rain showers a couple of times. We saw lots of different animals. I wonder how many can you spot from the photos? A big thank you to everyone who came to help us. [...]

London Day 3… Part one?

A really slow start this morning. Elaine had to knock progressively harder on the boys' door and Charlie said they had to sacrifice Sam to go and answer it being the closest to the door. 20 minutes until breakfast and we walled out of the door on time - perfect bunch of kids for getting ready and being organised this [...]

London Day 2

That was, honestly, the best overnight so far with both boys and girls being sensible and getting to sleep within 20 minutes of lights out :-) And the morning was just as good with no (too) early starts. In fact, Mia and Amie report that girls' beds are made, the room's tidy and today's things are packed, and it's 730am! [...]