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Returning To School Plans…

Video at the top... Headteacher's letter below (and linked here) Chair of Governors' letter linked here.   Dear Parents / Carers, I’d just like to start by saying thank you for all your patience, cooperation and understanding during the lock-down period.  I can honestly say that the past few weeks have been incredibly hard trying to formulate a plan that [...]

It’s started…!

The first thing that needs to happen when you're installing a playground, is to bring down the existing one! To keep the cost down, I was in again on Saturday with Governor and Rector Mike Newbon, chainsaw-wielding Martin Larrington from St. George's House and my eldest son, Morgan, for some muscles, lugging it all to the Nature Area to be [...]

1-minute survey needed!

Thank you very much to those who have filled in our survey so far.  We have almost a 50% return, but we really need returns to be almost 100% for us to know your thoughts, needs and considerations. As lock-down happened, organising in-school and remote provision was interesting but relatively straight forward.  Starting back, under this new and complicated guidance, [...]

This week’s update… AND SURVEY PLEASE>

Dear parent / Guardian We hope that you and your families are keeping well through these difficult times. Since my last blog, I have been working through the government guidance relating to the possible partial reopening of schools from 1st June.  The guidance is still unfolding and we are working extremely hard to consider all the questions it presents and trying [...]

Prime Minister’s address…

Dear Parents and Carers, I write this, following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation about our country’s next steps and action plan. He said, that as part of Step Two, which would happen  after half term (June 1st) at the earliest, Primary pupils may return in stages starting with Reception, Year One and Year 6 pupils. I, like you, [...]

VE Day…

It's 75 years since Churchill declared that the war was over. It's a time to celebrate, to be happy and to be together, side by side in a celebration of this great news, but also to think of those people who do SO much for the people of this country and Europe. Sadly, we can't do everything that was planned, [...]

Just a short survey…


Photo Blog

Here's our fab children having fun last week. I wonder what they will get up to this week? :)

School survey…

I've only just spotted this survey from ParentKind being shared and requested by the DfE. It closes at 9am tomorrow and it's actually quite short, so please spend just the minute it takes to complete it. We haven't heard anything official about reopening yet (only a few more headlines and speculation) but I'd like our families and community to [...]

Braunton Foodbank

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