It’s started…!

The first thing that needs to happen when you're installing a playground, is to bring down the existing one! To keep the cost down, I was in again on Saturday with Governor and Rector Mike Newbon, chainsaw-wielding Martin Larrington from St. George's House and my eldest son, Morgan, for some muscles, lugging it all to the Nature Area to be [...]

Forest Village Chapter One – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

On Saturday a wonderful thing happened. At 10am sharp an amazing group of people came together. Forks and shovels in hand, the team of volunteers (adults and kids) dedicated their time and energy to make a start on developing the new Forest Village for the school. We are stunned at how much graft went in and how much was achieved [...]

We have so many Friends of Georgeham School aka FROGS :-) Fab :-)

Thank you so much to Lilly Dallimore-Wright for organising an ice cream sale to raise money for our school at the end of the day. Children (and staff) enjoyed an end of term celebratory ice cream so THANK YOU :-)

Sports’ Day…

What a lovely afternoon's Sports Day! First, there was tea & cake. Thank you to all those who made, brought and helped, as our Stepping Stones' FROGlets made an excellent total of £186.92 to help fund things for our little ones! Then there were the Family Group Challenges with children helping and supporting each other in team events [...]

Happy 150th Birthday Georgeham School :-)

Today we celebrated the 150th birthday of Georgeham School with an awesome Summer Fete. Thank you so much to all of the FROGS members for organising the event, thank you to parents for supporting the school and to the children for their fantastic enthusiasm today. The Maypole and the Broom Dance have been a traditional at the school for so [...]

Class 4 and STEAM.Co

Class 4 had a brilliant afternoon, with a visit from Nick Corston of STEAM Co. An inspiring introductory talk highlighted the  importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths, including such things as how 'cats eyes' were developed to light up the roads.  Nick did a fantastic job at tying our topic of The Victorians in to this session by [...]

Summer Fayre 2017

Wow! What an amazing Summer Fayre we have had this year. Parents, children, staff and of course our fantastic FROGs team came together to be part of an event that has raised more than £3,500 for our school. Thank you so much to everyone who came along and to all the local business who donated prizes for our Grand Prize [...]

FROGS Family Film Night

What a fantastic way to end such a busy week. 😀 Thanks to the FROGS team and everyone who came along. Merry Christmas everyone. 🎅🏻🎅🏻

Class 4’s Ancient Greek Day

Class 4 were looking very Greek yesterday when we all dressed up for a a history workshop day on Ancient Greece. It was a great opportunity to find out more about our topic from Phillipa, an expert, and to handle some replica artefacts. We made a range of objects from a pendent decorated with Athena's owl to Greek [...]

Thanks FROGS…!

Class 2's entrance and cloakroom has just got brighter thanks to FROGS funding, resulting in more space to display some of the children's excellent work.  Thank you very much! And what's also quite handy, is we've now got a spare blue board for Class 3's room, which just so happens to have a blue theme... Brilliant! In planning for FROGS' [...]