I’ve only just spotted this survey from ParentKind being shared and requested by the DfE. It closes at 9am tomorrow and it’s actually quite short, so please spend just the minute it takes to complete it.


We haven’t heard anything official about reopening yet (only a few more headlines and speculation) but I’d like our families and community to know that I am liaising with Devon CC, Devon and National Headteacher associations as well as the DfE. When we receive further guidance, we will work out how we can apply them at Georgeham and we will communicate this as soon as we can.

Apart from the survey above, which provides the DfE with parents’ thoughts and requirements and helps them to shape their school reopening plan, we’re working on our own short survey, specifically about our provision at Georgeham. We’ll email this out shortly.

I hope everyone’s having a relaxing weekend, staying safe, staying inside (as much as possible) and staying kind.

Take care, Julian Thomas.