It’s started…!

The first thing that needs to happen when you're installing a playground, is to bring down the existing one! To keep the cost down, I was in again on Saturday with Governor and Rector Mike Newbon, chainsaw-wielding Martin Larrington from St. George's House and my eldest son, Morgan, for some muscles, lugging it all to the Nature Area to be [...]


Of course, with breaking up for Easter almost two weeks before the Easter weekend, we were already singing some of our favourite songs and making sure we were going to be on form for some singing at St.George's Church for the final assembly of the term. And being aware that we were to break up the very next day, a [...]

We’ve got the GOLD Artsmark!

It is official, we have been assessed and awarded the Artsmark Gold Award from the Arts Council of England! This is a fantastic achievement, involving all of our children in every aspect of the creative arts including art,  music, design technology and drama. We are so proud of the enthusiasm, confidence and creativity of the children in our very special, [...]

Willow structures…

I wonder what the children will think of the willow structures that started to get woven together yesterday, up in the Forest Village? Thanks to Holly, Ted, Mandy, Mark and Pete for spending time in the cold, up behind Stepping Stones. The whole place is coming along beautifully! :-)

Stepping Stones off to a ZooOooMing start…

Hello and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! One week in and we have all been having a great time at Stepping Stones already. It has been lovely to come back and welcome some new faces. With that in mind, it seems like a good time to remind you that after Christmas we start to get a lot busier. [...]

The state of this stable…!

I bet if Mary and Joseph had managed to get a room, the Inn would've cleared up before they arrived? They'll have to put up with a bit off a mess tonight. (Mike, where's your Hoover?)

Crib On The Green…

So Mary and Joseph were at church this morning, and so were a lot of the community, as well as some coffee and cake too.  I'm sure Mary just wanted a bit of breathing space in her condition, bless her, but after a few chocolate brownies and a bit of a give-away of the story sung by the school chidren, [...]

Single-Use Prayers? Never!

That tough question about whether to laminate!? Written by children this week, these prayers will be displayed on the Crib, on the Green, on Sunday. They're going to need to be weather proof so the community can come and read them and pray about their what they say. Do come along as it's always a lovely community service... and our [...]

Class 2’s poems…

Class 2 looked at alliteration and rhyme this morning and tried our own poems, similar to Emma Dodd's 'I Like Bugs' - like this example, that's just brilliant! I love scary, snappy, shiny-red bugs and weepy, watery, crawly bugs. Here are a few others... I love birds.... I love screechy, tweety, loud birds. I love quiet, shy, white birds. I [...]

Stepping Stones off to Dragons Den!

On Friday morning we had to postpone planned activities to make room for the children’s extremely strong desire to hoover. Naturally we weren’t inclined to argue and just decided to go with it. Let’s face it, as we all know, any opportunity that should arise in which young people decide to help out domestically should not be taken for granted. [...]