Explosion of activity…

It's lovely to return from a tiring and long conference to a school looking so beautiful! We've some excellent artwork and fictional writing from our current year 5s on their Pompeii and Vesuvius work... A lovely display of harvest produce, with coins sellotaped on top too, ready to take to church later at 2.30 if you'd like to join us, [...]

Class 2 Storm Dunster Castle!

Class 2 had a fabulous day out at Dunster Castle, thanks to the wonderful setting and some brilliant workshops laid on by the National Trust. We had the Great Hall all to ourselves and practised our Knightly skills, including jousting and sword fighting. We learnt that a knight would start his apprenticeship at 7 years old! We saw all the [...]

ANZAC Bake Off in Classes 1 and 2

Classes One and Two had a great day making ANZAC Biscuits as part of our Australian Topic. These biscuits were originally sent out to the New Zealand and Australian troops in Gallipoli. They are really delicious and we hope you enjoy them at home!

Plastic-Free Fraternity: a Great Global Community…

As part of their topic on Sustainability... Class 4 loved taking part with BBC's Live Lessons this afternoon.  They may not have mentioned the work we've been doing over the past couple of years, but we're proud that many, many other schools are following our footsteps in becoming Plastic Free.  The children loved seeing what others had done and really [...]

Stepping Stones Take Off…

A huge apology to the Stepping Stones parents and carers. You may witness some signs of Jet Lag this weekend and we fear it may be our fault. You see, we have covered a lot of miles this week. On Tuesday we got on a plane and flew to Africa for safari. This trip included an in flight snack, which [...]

Building bridges…and stories!

Last week in Stepping Stones we explored bridges and this led to a huge array of activities. We talked about bridges and their uses. We built bridges out of lego, duplo, blocks, junk modelling. We also explored the 'Billy goats Gruff' story. It was a great topic and the children built some fantastic structures and started some amazing conversations. During [...]

Class 3 Get Creative…

Class 3 had a great time in our Artmash Glass workshop with Lisa yesterday. We learnt how glass in fired and then spent the morning making rain forest leaves for our collaborative art piece. Then, in the afternoon, everyone designed and made their own glass panels based on our Henri Rousseau jungle work. It was something really different, [...]

Class 1 and 2 Materials Workshop

Class 1 and 2 had an exciting morning learning about the properties of materials and how they can be recycled. Hopefully they have brought home a useful fridge magnet reminder for the whole family! In the afternoon they turned into mini beasts and learnt all about composting. We learnt the different types of food we can (and cannot) put into [...]

School Council has spoken…!

Our School Council met this week and we spoke about Ecobricks. Gil said they were, "Ecobricks are Cool!" (big thumbs up) and they all said they wanted to make something out of them. They suggested possibly a seating area, a bench, a table and even went on to say that they could play with the coloured bottoms so that they [...]

Step aside Jack…Peter Pan is NOT finished yet…

Hello and welcome to another Stepping Stones blog post, being sent to you all the way from Never Neverland. Since our last post the plan was to move on from the Peter Pan theme and start exploring Jack and the Beanstalk. However, it appears that Mandy, Harriet and I are far better at channeling our inner Pirates/Crocodiles than we are [...]