Late yesterday, I emailed parents of almost all of our children with a link to the Pantos that their child was in. Hopefully these have come through to your inbox successfully, but do get in touch if you’ve not received your link.

Filming was easy (thanks to Sam Humble Smith for the tripod!), editing took some time and then we found that YouTube had deleted our channel!!
But at least they’re finally uploaded and available to watch.

It’s on YouTube, saved as an unlisted video, meaning only those with the link can find it and play it. It also means that it can’t be searched for or accidentally stumbled upon, but it does mean that you can share the link with relatives who may have wanted to come and see it.

Please don’t put the link on any social media or share widely and publicly, as we’ve not asked or gained specific permission to share this video in that way. Thank you for understanding and supporting this.

Of course, there’s no link here – you’ll have to search for an email from jthomas@.

Hope you enjoy them!
Mr Thomas