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Online Safety Webinar … TONIGHT … 7pm

The Braunton Learning Cooperative has organised an Online Safety webinar (online of course!) TONIGHT at 7pm, hosted by Karl Hopwood, from Karl will be addressing the following things in his webinar: What are children and young people really doing when they go online (as opposed to what they might tell their parents that they are doing) What are the [...]

Friday Celebration Assembly 6th November 2020

I thought you may like to see one of the assemblies we do on a Friday?

“Are they unwell?” Help sheet…

We thought a flowchart may make things a bit easier to work out whether an 'ill child' should come to school or not.  Most of these initial decisions will lie with our parents of course, as only they know if their child would be well enough for school, but these are uncharted times (I avoided the word 'unprecedented'!), the 'R-rate' [...]

Almost Final Newsletter…

Same newsletter as Thursday, but we heard there was a flux of them going to parents' spam folders, so this is a second attempt... Hi, I thought I'd give you an update on what’s happening in school at the moment, the things taking place over the summer and also a headline on some changes for September.  My video explains it [...]

Newberry Road Footpath Update…

To everyone who has visited the project site, a big thank you! Every “Like”, “Share” and Donation scores points so if you have only done one of those things, could we ask you go back and do the others too? Likes and Shares each score one point and a donation scores ten points. Thank you! CARA are half way through [...]

Solihull Approach Online Courses… free for all parents in Devon.

Devon Local Maternity System have purchased a multi-user licence for four Solihull Approach online courses, for all parents and parents-to-be. Understanding your pregnancy, birth, labour and your baby Understanding your baby Understanding your child Understanding your teenagers brain Every single resident in Devon can access the courses completely free of charge. These courses are for everyone who wants to be [...]

Newberry Road Footpath Project…

Crowd Funding Site Goes Live Today: (If you do nothing else, please “Like” it!) Hopefully you are aware that for the last two years one of our Governors, David Morton, has been helping progress a scheme proposed by another of our parents living on Longland Lane to construct a footpath along the edge of the Georgeham Village playing fields so [...]

Have You Subscribed?

We blog our news and updates. Our blogs go directly up on the website, they get posted on to Facebook, but they also get emailed! SUBSCRIBE HERE! The problem with Facebook is that posts drop down your feed and ends up somewhere below puzzles, memes and people posting "photos of something purple" on their picture roll.  You could possibly end [...]

Ready for the next week…

Well done for surviving another week.  I hope you're keeping safe and well, and enjoying the sun in the confines of the small space around you! It's possibly difficult having NO routine, but you could possibly find it easier having at least some routine to your day.  We've put together many things to help and support our families, on our [...]

Prepping for Week 2…

Dear parents, Well done for managing a week's worth of learning at home. I bet it's had its challenges, but also some fun bits too - I have four boys of my own at home, so I know only too well how hard it can be! We're about to head into the school's 'Easter Break,' but it's not going to [...]