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Christmas Holidays are nearly here 🎄🎅🏻

In class 2 we have been very busy making crafts to take home today. Handprint wreaths, 3D snowmen and lolly stick stars....all in 1 morning! Wow...Miss Summerville couldn't believe how many things class 2 managed to make! 😀 We talked about how Christmas means different things to different people so we tried to answer the question: What does [...]

Elsie’s Poem…

We received a lovely letter today from Young Writers UK, informing us that we've got an entry being put in to their Rhymecraft book coming out in February entitled, 'Future Poets.' It's lovely to hear that Elsie Lambert's poem about her new brand new kittens, made it through the selection and will be published in their book! Congratulations Elsie! Winning [...]

Christmas craft cards…

How cute...? (Well done Miss Hill - lovely idea!)

Fantastic Nativity!

Well done to all of the children for a wonderful nativity yesterday. I don't think we stopped smiling the whole way through. Thank you to all those who helped make it what it was! It was lovely to see all of the children having a great time, with some 'on the spot' dancing too! Thank you to our parent helpers [...]

Our Nativity…

The 14th chocolate eaten from the advent calendar and the 14th Jesse Tree card (about King Hessekiah, 592 BC) pegged on to the tree, but fast-forward to the final few days - Mary and Joseph trotting their donkey through St. George's - and then beyond - three Kings shouting at a baby... If you were there, at either of the [...]

School, Christmas lunch…🎅

Just when you look back at your photos and realise you didn't take one of your own Christmas Dinner plate. Not something I normally do, but my goodness I should have today - it was lovely and Keri and Gemma did an amazing job! Even with 100 children, we catered for many needs and even requests for more sprouts... yes [...]

Santa’s 🎅 delivery…!

Father Christmas has arrived!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

On Friday Class 2 made Christmas wreaths with the National Trust. Thank you to Rob, Josh and Chris for coming in to school to work with us. 😀

Measuring and counting!

In class one this week we have started looking at measuring. We have been exploring different ways of measuring, from using blocks to count to using rulers and measuring tape! We have been estimating how big we think something might be...and then comparing our findings! We have also been practicing our writing - lots of us have decided to write [...]

Christmas Coffee Afternoon

It's looking fantastic in the hall - a great effort Class 4!