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In class 2 we have been very busy making crafts to take home today. Handprint wreaths, 3D snowmen and lolly stick stars….all in 1 morning! Wow…Miss Summerville couldn’t believe how many things class 2 managed to make! 😀

We talked about how Christmas means different things to different people so we tried to answer the question: What does Christmas mean for me?

Jet: Spending time with friends and family

Kitty: Being happy

Evie: Christans celebrate the birth of Jesus

Roxie-Lou: You see your family and get lots of new toys

Zac: Having Christmas dinner with your family

Ben: Christmas is believing in Santa

Benjy: Celebrating Jesus’ birthday

Tess: A time to thing about Jesus being born

Jack: Having fun with friends and family

Isla: Celebrating Jesus

Will: Giving presents and remembering how lucky we are

Lily-Mae: Opening presents, eating dinner and being kind

Esmay: Decorating the Christmas tree

Ashley: Spending time with family

Sukey: Santas coming and giving presents

Ruby: Having Christmas pudding

Will: Going downstairs and seeing presents

Reuben: Family and presents

Have an amazing Christmas everyone 🎄🎅🏻


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