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We had so much fun at our first Construction Club yesterday! We discussed the themes that the children wanted to focus on over the year and they had AMAZING ideas!! Here are just a few of the great ideas for themes that they suggested:   People who help us - fire station, police station, doctors surgery, hospital, school   Things [...]

📚📚 Reading Roundabout 📚📚

Class 4 have been working with Mrs Andrews to choose new library books for school. There were lots of great discussions and we are going to have some fantastic new books to read 😀  

Class 2 become investigative scientists!

Class 2 investigated which materials were waterproof. We worked as a TEAM (together, everyone achieves more) to conduct a 'fair' test on tissue paper, fabric, paper and plastic to decide which material would be the best to make an umbrella.Lots of discussion took place:"I have noticed with the fabric that the water doesn't soak in straight away, you have to [...]

The Second Great Class 4 Bake Off…

Today was Bake Off day in class 4... Over the last couple of weeks we have sampled a range of breads, both sweet and savoury, and everyone has used this to come up with their own recipe for a bread roll. Today was the day we got to try out our ideas, and bake a bread roll to make your [...]

Romans and Celts Day

Class 3 have travelled back in time with the The Royal Albert Memorial Museum to 49AD! We turned the classroom into a Celtic round house complete with artifacts and got the children in role as the native Devonian Dumnonii tribe. After a break we had a dramatic entrance from a Roman soldier who took us into the hall, which had [...]

Ranger Russ takes us on an Animal Adventure!

Classes 1 & 2 had such a brilliant morning with Ranger Russ. He told us all about the various animals he brought with him and linked them to our topic of Australia.We thought some of the names of the creatures were very funny, including Doris the Sand Boa (named after his Mother in Law) and others were named after friends [...]