Monthly Archives: June 2017


Ranger Rose visits Class 4

Class 4 were lucky to have 'Ranger Rose' come in this afternoon to share her knowledge about the local habitat. Although the workshop was based around habitats, the interests of the children diverted the discussion to focus on hedgehogs and badgers in particular...always great when the children are passionate about a topic and ask question after question. 😀 [...]

Class 3 at The Mix…

Babcock's music service held a dedicated Northern Devon 'Mix' this year in the lovely gardens of Tapeley House. The Mix provides children with a range of performances and workshops and they come away, hopefully, inspired to try something new! Hundreds of children got together for the Big Sing - Beatles' With A Little Help - in our first workshop.  Missing [...]

Year Two Sleepover!

A big well done to Year 2 for an excellent sleepover! Enjoy the photos! ​

Pollination in class 4

Class 4 have been investigating how bees pollinate flowers and representing it using cotton wool buds, drama and....'Wotsits' ;-) We used cotton wool buds to search for pollen around the field. We used our fingers to represent bee's legs and 'dived' into the Wotsits and took the pollen (cheese bits) to another flower. Children also took on [...]

Memory Skills in Class 3

For the first part of the morning we talked about ways that we could improve our working memories. We learned about the difference between visual and auditory memory and discovered skills that can make us remember more effectively. We played a visual memory game and followed verbal instructions that got more complicated. Everyone decided that they learned a [...]

Pride of School Day 2: The Sequel

Thanks very much to the families who could make it today! We had a great day doing many jobs around the school.  Tim C-W started us off in the nature area shortly after 9am; Rachael was taking control of the herb garden with Mrs Turner; Jo painted the visitor toilet (second coat on the summer we think?); Darcy, [...]

Today’s minute’s silence…

In Monday's school assembly we spoke about Ariana Grande's concert the night before and how special it was.  I talked a little about the recent incidents in London and Manchester, but also about the many people who have been affected by these terrorist acts.We spoke about how children here should be friendly, well behaved and supportive of eachother; touching on [...]