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Half term break…

A school break, but there's always something happening to keep it all maintained and looking ship shape. I had a quick maintenance visit today with my handy little helpers. A little bit of fun may have been had on the new "Crinkle Crags" Climber, but we managed to power wash the gazebo ready for a coat or two of something, [...]

Bikeability Level 1 and 2

Our Yr5s have been out this week on their bikes learning lots about their riding skills, road safety and bits of the Highway Code too. Level 1 had them all put through their paces out on the playground, starting, stopping swerving, emergency stopping and also trying to master riding with just one arm on the handlebar. Level 2 was much [...]

Sink or Float?

Class 2 have had a busy week! On Wednesday we made boats and decorated them. We also made predictions about different materials and whether they would sink or float!

Class 2’s ‘Bake off’

Class 2 spent a fun, floury day making bread rolls. They also designed some fabulous bags to go with them. The staff (including Keri) were so impressed they all took the recipe home. Thanks for putting them into the oven Keri!

What’s on w/e 22.10.20

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Weather Reporters!

This afternoon we were learning about seasons and weather. We talked about the different types of weather we might see throughout the different seasons. We even watched an epic thunderstorm - which was just a little bit scary! Some of us then had a turn at being weather reporters. 'You might need a raincoat today because it's raining. Over here, [...]

We had a donation… of a cabbage!!

When life gives you a red cabbage... make coleslaw!!!

Letter to schools, with a coronavirus update before the half term holiday…

-link- A letter from Dawn Stabb, Head of Education and Learning, Devon County Council Dear parents and carers, Before we conclude the first half term of this new school year, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your children for your patience and understanding, while teaching staff have worked incredibly hard to prepare and adapt to changes [...]

What’s on w/e 20.10.20


New and shiny things!!

It's so lovely when the sun's out and the children get to enjoy our outside environment fully. I think we've blogged a photo of the New Crinkle Crags Climber?  The photo that above shows last year's Yr6 who managed to get a good two weeks' worth of playing on it before they left us for the summer.  The Climber replaces [...]