We’re due to have a Parent’s meeting this afternoon about the Year 6’s residential to London in June (the 16th).

We’ve used Cheshunt Young Mariners Base for our activities – kayaking, climbing and caving, and Mr Thomas has been using the centre for approximately 12 years now, even running an after-school climbing club there once!

Cheshunt Young Mariners Base

Cheshunt’s Youth Hostel is right next door to the centre and we’ll be using this as our base – a whole Swiss chalet  to ourselves!  Catering is brilliant and we’re also treated to a cooked breakfast every morning, unless we choose to have porridge instead, also available?!

Our Youth Hostel – (it’s the end one!)

We go in to, or travel through, London for lots of things.  First whilst we travel in; seeing London for the first time is quite something for our children. A second time after our ‘outdoor day’ when we’ll be doing the London Eye in the evening and sight seeing until quite late.  And a third time when we spend the whole day there – the Science Museum with workshops, more sight seeing and exploring and taking in a show too – Matilda this time!

Does this You Tube link work?

The 4th day is put aside for packing up and a leisurely route back across the country where the children, most often or not, collapse into parents’ arms!