Monthly Archives: January 2015


And the winner is……

NOAH! The winning entry! Last term class 4 worked with No Sweat to design some equipment for an outdoor adventure. After lots of discussions in the staff room at No Sweat (they actually numbered every entry, put each one around the walls and asked everyone to vote) they decided that Noah's showed the most 'scientific thinking' as every [...]

Mosaic madness…!

Class 3 started on some mosaic tiling this afternoon as part of their Roman topic work. Before doing the real thing with clay in a couple of weeks time, this is the dry run. They learnt that....Ruby: if you make it too detailed it's too difficult. Millie: that you don,t leave massive spaces but not too small either. Polly: gaps [...]

Open The Book…

Our Open The Book team did a lovely job telling the story of David. He had to make some tough decisions but he did end up saving his friend's life. Sometimes the decisions we make can be really tough but as long we try our best and do what we believe is the right thing to do, then hopefully things [...]

Our School Values…

Troublesome dragons…

We were overrun by dragons this morning. Class 2 wrote some sentences with nouns and verbs in them. Like... Sunday and Josie... Dragons danced through the marble jar. Daisy and Darcy... Dragons flew on to the globe and spun it around. James and Archie C... Dragons chucked the denes. Dragons sharpened their toenails. Chloe and Sam... Dragons gobbled up the [...]

Roman Invasion!

Class 3 were sent back in time today to  AD50. They took part in a fantastic workshop delivered by RAMM (The Royal Albert Memorial Museum). The day started off in class 3 which was turned into a round house complete with a Celtic museum. The lights were turned off and music played and stories told to take us back in [...]

James’ Dragon Map…

James' Dragon Map - The actual name was a bit long (The Barbaric Map of The Viking Archipelago) but he decided to make it a bit shorter. The film 'How To Train Your Dragon 2' inspired me to make this map. It took me 3 weeks to finish: 1 week to plan, 1 week to tea-stain and wait for it to [...]

Our planet, honest!

From the molten inner core (they're melting) to the grass on the outside (fingers representing the grass!) we acted out being the planet Earth!

Class 1 Huff & Puff like the Big Bad Wolf!

As part of our topic on the Three Little Pigs, we did our best 'huffing and puffing' for a morning of Science. We had three pots of piggy pink paint: 1. Had flour added to it 2. Just ready-mix paint 3. Watered down paint. The children had to predict which paint could be 'huffed and puffed' the furthest through a [...]

A blue phase…?

Sadly, I like things colour coordinated. I'll retract the 'sadly' actually as I'm quite proud of my insistence of making things look right  ...just right. So yes, the red chairs that didn't quite fit under the dining tables have been freecycled to a local school's classroom where the teacher like the colour red. We've replaced them with single moulded blue [...]