Class 3 were sent back in time today to  AD50. They took part in a fantastic workshop delivered by RAMM (The Royal Albert Memorial Museum). The day started off in class 3 which was turned into a round house complete with a Celtic museum. The lights were turned off and music played and stories told to take us back in time. We got to try on Celtic clothes, see ourselves in a precious Celtic mirror and discover through handling objects all about Celtic life. Back in the Hall after break we discovered a complete Roman Museum, with various areas set out. The artefacts were all there to be handled by the children and any questions answered by the museum. We discovered a stick with a sponge (Roman toilet roll) and many other artefacts like some pretty pungent fish sauce made from rotten fish guts and blood, which is then dried out for three months in the sun.

This all gave us some great knowledge, as back in our round house we had to decide as a tribe whether to accept an offer from a Roman soldier to be ruled by Rome or to defend ourselves and our way of life (we made models to sacrifice to our Gods to send us a sign and threw in some broken artefact for good measure – by “killing” the artefacts we sent them to the Gods.)

During the afternoon we learnt all about the Roman Army by becoming a legion. After thorough training we went into battle against Class 4 and the parents! A big thank you to RAMM and Oly for providing us with a great day and bringing history to life for us through all the objects, activities and role play.

Jessica G said “I want to do this every day”

Isabel W said “That was the best day ever – it was AWESOME!!!”