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The cows are in the dunes……..

…the cows are on the dunes including the one Kitty Esme and the school decorated! the

Preschool Delicious Jam Sandwiches

During snack time Preschool learnt to share using the Jam sandwiches. Making sure we all had equal amounts.

Class 4 – reaching for the stars!

It’s been a busy week here in Class 4! We’ve come to the end of our assessment week, but for the year 6 children, this also meant SATs week. We told them to “reach for the stars” (only just refraining from bursting into S Club 7) and oh my goodness, didn’t they just! They have truly worked their socks off [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 25th June 2021 … issue 504

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Leila Rice Class 2… Isabelle Carlino Class 3… Ben Pavitt Class 4… Jasper Hill-Haimes out-Out… Mrs Rinvolucri & Miss Smale  ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! In our Celebration Assembly this afternoon, I briefly mentioned that it was "One Britain, One Nation" Day - something I only found out about late [...]

Peace At Last

We had a little while longer on the beach once the Reception and Year 1s had headed home. We played some races and a few team games altogether and then we started the long trek back to school. It was hard, but they all did amazingly. We had a scrummy dinner altogether cooked by Keri - burgers, hotdogs [...]

Beach day!

What an amazing day we have all had - the children were absolutely fantastic! We even had one member of the public say how lovely it was to hear and see children having such fun together. We had a brilliant sandcastle competition with many categories including; the spookiest, the deepest hole, the tallest, the most many winners! [...]

(Fake) SATs…

Whilst Year 6 had their final 'Fake-SATs' paper this morning, I had year 5 and went through some of the more tricky questions from yesterday's maths paper. This question actually started from a cubed number question where drawings make this a bit easier. Although, you've got to draw a cube, which is harder than you think! Here's one of the [...]

Sunny days at Preschool

Releasing the butterflies!

  On Tuesday we had the excitement of 2 butterflies emerging from their chrysalis! On Wednesday, we noticed that another two chrysalides had gotten darker, which meant the next two butterflies were getting ready! By Thursday morning we had four butterflies, we fed them bits of orange. Today we took them outside to release them! Three of the [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 18th June 2021 … issue 503

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Holly Betteridge Class 2… Jessica Betteridge Class 3… Libby Hardiman Class 4… Arthur, Elfini, Elsie, Esme, Eva, Kitty, Martha, Mohammad, Tess, Thea and Theo Staff Shout-Out… Martina  ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! For those who haven’t spotted a slight change in our Celebration Assemblies over the past couple of months, we’ve [...]