We had a little while longer on the beach once the Reception and Year 1s had headed home. We played some races and a few team games altogether and then we started the long trek back to school. It was hard, but they all did amazingly.

We had a scrummy dinner altogether cooked by Keri – burgers, hotdogs and chips! Yummy.
We then went to the two different classrooms to set up our beds and we got into our pyjamas. Next, we took our favourite teddy into the hall for a teddy bear competition. Some of the categories were ‘best dressed’ ‘longest ears’ and ‘most prehistoric!’

We next decided to head outside to showcase our talent. We had various performances ranging from hula hooping to throwing a ball in the air and catching it (or not) and walking like a crab. We had some free play outside and then we settled down in our rooms to a movie. The girls chose ‘101 Dalmations’ and the boys chose ‘Ice Age.’

We’re now all settled and I think most are asleep…night night!