What’s on our school’s wish-list and how can you help?  [link]

 So when Santa offers to make a special case for your school (out of his usual wintry seasonable months), you need to get busy and take him up on his kind offer!

 If your hard-earned cash has been burning a hole in your pocket over the last year, deprived of the usual fundraising flurry of coffee mornings, cake sales, fetes and bingo nights that FROGS usually organise so brilliantly, you have come to the right place! The lack of fundraising opportunities has affected every school, as the additional money we usually receive from parents is hugely helpful.

 We thought it might be useful to help you visualise how far your money will go to helping us, and we’ve put together this list below of the kind of things that Santa will be able to bring us. We’ve put a list together by amount, and we’ve also grouped it together by subject in case you have a child who is super keen on a particular subject and you’d like to directly help.

 Please be as generous as you can as your money has the potential to make a huge difference to your child’s learning, and rest assured that every penny you spend will go to helping our school.


Here’s what your money will buy…

 £3 will help fund two water colour sets (we need 60!), a pack of matchsticks for craft sessions (£3 for 2000 sticks) 

 £4.25 will fund one of the 25 new phonics book Class 1 and 2 need

 £5 will fund pots of acrylic paint to top up art supplies

 £7 will fund one of the 25 new reading books Class 3 and 4 need for their class libraries

 £10 will fund a set of 30 new watercolour paint brushes or a new Star Wars Lego set or a Jewellery Making Kit for Miss Trute’s thrive area, or a metre long ruler for measuring in maths lessons, or a pack of 50 biros for children to mark their work or a den making tarpaulin for outdoor play and the Thrive area

 £15 will fund: a new pack of 32 children’s scissors and tidy stands for class 4, 10 packs of masking tape for art projects, Monopoly for class 4, Knex Beginner 40 model set (for wet play or thrive activities), a recordable talking clipboard to help KS2 with literacy and spelling (we need 4 of these) , a pack of 20 plastic beakers for science lessons, a set of baby doll clothes for preschool, a set of 10 individual handwriting white board for class 2 (we need 3 packs of 10), a marble run for Class 2

 £20 will get you:  a brand new reference book , two sets of new pencil cases for a class, a new dolls pram for Stepping Stones,  a new chair for class 1 children (we need 60 – a new set for Class 1 and 2!) , a pack of 600 coloured art straws, a bean bag for the reading corner in classrooms

 £25 will buy a set of measuring rods for class 3 and 4 to help with maths lessons, or the 3 metre long rules they need too!    

 £35-£40  will get the set of weights Class 4 need to help them with exercise (sorry MATHS) they need everything from 10g to 2kg or a subscription to National Geographic for Class 3 or electronic dictionaries for Class 3 and 4 (we need 10 of these!), a world globe for everyone to use in Geography sessions, a tuff tray and stand for Class 1 (class 2 need one too!), a garage and car set for Class 2, hot wheels loop and cars for days when its too wet to play outside

 £100-150 could fund:  a set of Toddler wooden stools for Early Years, the two First News subscriptions we like to have to keep children ahead of the news, 3 x sets of whiteboard pens for our electronic whiteboards, a writing table for group writing in Class 1, the large outdoor mark making set Class 1 are desperate for, two subscriptions to Disney Plus for class use or subscriptions to Twinkl for teachers so the 4 classes don’t have to share one login

 £300-400 would fund:  a new book display unit for Class 2 so children can more easily select books, a set of wooden building blocks for outdoor learning, 

 £1500 will get you a much needed new LCD Screen White Board for Class 1!


Or another way of looking at it is by subject area….

 Art and topic work:  plastic free glitter (£40 for pack of 10) , new acrylic paint sets (sets £44 or individual pots £6) , new watercolor brushes (£8.99), 60 x watercolour sets at £1.60 each, mirrors so children can do self portraits (£20 each), 32 new pairs of scissors with stands (£15.99), charcoal sticks (£2.75), match sticks for craft (£3.50), coloured art straws (21 for a pack of 600)

 Reading: early years and class 2 need new phonics books – 25 of them at £4.25 each and Class 3/4 need new reading books (25 of them at around £6-7 each), Class 2 needs a new book display case at £360 and we’d like to extend our subscriptions to news and science magazines (First News £54 for 2 classes to subscribe and National Geographic Magazine £37 for 2 classes )

 Maths and Science:  we need a pack of 150 Cuisenaire rods at £25, 3 x  metre long rulers for measuring at £8 each and a set of weights at £35 plus 20 plastic beakers for science experiments at £15

 Writing and Literacy: sets of individual handwriting boards for Class 2 – 3 sets at £17 per set, bean bags for Class 1’s reading corner at £20 each, electronic dictionaries for Classes 3 and 4 at £40 each (we need 10!) and some recordable talking clip boards for Early years at £16 each (we need 4).  we also need colouring pencils (£9 per pack), white board pens (£40 for 4), drawing pencils (£2.99 per pack) and green biros for children to mark their work (£10 for 50)

 Classroom resources and display: display books for children’s work (10 at £1.95 each), new toddler wooden stools for early years (£130 for a pair), new chairs for classes 1 and 2 (£23 each – ideally we need 30-50!), a curved writing table for group writing work in Class 1 (£170)

 Outdoor learning resources and play equipment for indoors during wet play and outdoors:  Class 2 need a garage play set (£30) and a marble run (£15), Classes 3 and 4 need Monopoly (£15), a hot wheels car set (£30), junior Meccano £25), Knex model set (£15), Early Years need a Big Art Making Set for outdoors (£15), packs of wooden house bricks (£60) and breeze blocks (£60) as well as a dolls pram and pushchair (£20 each) and dolls clothes (£15) plus 2 Tuff Trays with stands at £40 each

 Subscriptions and IT:  subscriptions to learning platforms like Twinkl for each class and (for wet play days) Disney Plus (£60) plus IT kit like electronic white boards (which are expensive at £1500 each) are vital and not funded through our budget currently. 

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