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Plastic Praise from Texas!

A lovely message from British Freediver and world-record-setter, Tanya Streeter, about how proud, impressed and inspired she is by our actions over the past year in becoming a Single-Use Plastic Free School.Thanks for the message Tanya! We'll share it with the children in our celebration assembly and I'm sure they'll love seeing the snippet of you on the Plastics Ocean [...]

Year 5’s Boosters…

"Boosters this morning," stated Mr Thomas, "is going to cover speech marks, otherwise known as inverted commas, and also percentages, decimals and fractions." "Ah great!" exclaimed the children. 🤣 Honest... they're loving it. Working hard and finding it a good way to explore and be open about their learning, in a smaller group than usual. Speech first: Our pretend speech [...]

Tag Rugby – Cl.3 – postponed.

We've just had the cancellation message for Class 3's Tag Rugby session. Please don't go to the village hall, as planned, but to school for a normal day. Thanks.

Stepping Stones go to Never Neverland…

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks at Stepping Stones as we have converted both the classroom and the forest area into Never Neverland. Looking at the story of Peter Pan as part of our 'near and far' topic, there hasn't been any time for a dull moment. Pirates, magic pixie dust, ticking crocodiles and mermaid lagoons have [...]

What’s on w/e 25.01.19

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Recycle Devon Workshops

Class 4 have had an excellent day with Sally from the Recycle Devon team. We fitted three workshops into the day: -Recycled Material Challenge -Marine Litter -Love Food Hate Waste Hopefully they've come home full of interesting information about the day .....and may even be asking about your recycling habits! Did you know: -that you can buy wooden toothbrushes? -that [...]

SATs Parents’ Evening…

We held an information evening for our Year 6 parents on Tuesday regarding the SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests) that are coming up in May. We don't make a big deal of the SATs and we really don't want to stress children out about this - and actually, there ISN'T anything to stress about (remember that) - but we also need [...]

Plastic Free, and on the TeeVee…

If you missed it, no fear, ITV West Country sent us the clip so we could put it on our You Tube Channel. You know what to do: "Click up at the top to like, share and subscribe to our channel!"  (And other such youth-speak for seeing what our Small School does with its Huge Horizons!)  

A uniform, Non-Uniform Day…

Our Non-uniform Day raised a good £80 for Challenge Ministries Swaziland! I think we need to try even harder next term though; so that we can provide slightly more for this lovely and worthwhile cause, but also in terms of what the children wear. Can we go for a uniform non-uniform day, like these girls did please?