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Our Pyjama Day…

If only every family could be cozy and comfortable, tucked up with the kids sharing stories.  A lovely day raising funds for NDADA helping them to buy things like children's pyjamas for local families in need. Thanks everyone... more-or-less £100 for a well deserved charity.


Stepping stones have been busy doing Christmas activities today. One of the activities was foot painting! The children have enjoyed the sensory experience and have come out with some humorous comments, one of which was " the paint is hot!" The adults have had much fun modelling the mistletoes activity! [categories, stepping stones, whole school]

Friends, families and wow moments

Our friends and families board is slowly filling up! We have had some new additions over the last couple of weeks! Thank you to the parents who have emailed over photos or given them to a member of Stepping Stones staff. As you may notice we have also added children's wow moments slips to the board. The wow moments are [...]

Crib Service…

Apparently, singing 'Midnight' went down quite well (I never think it's loud enough, even though I'm right in front of them!) but we had lots of positive comments that made me quite proud. Well done kids! Joseph and Mary were manhandled, kidhandled and argued over round to St. George's House, and we continued up the road to Longland's Lane, only [...]

So what are vertices? Ask someone in class 2😀

In class 2 we spent this morning learning all about 3d shapes and trying to use tricky vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges to describe the similarities and differences. We found out that a cube and a cuboid have the same number of faces, vertices and edges but a triangular prism has less. We then had time to be [...]

Our piano recital 🎹

Janean's pianist group did a lovely recital for their parents and school this afternoon. One handed, two handed with chords, four handed (with the assistance of Janean) and ALSO some singing at the same time.  It was lovely... thanks Janean for all your hard work over the past few years. Good luck with the move too! (I'm sure Pete Cox [...]


"Houses, I mean Castles, with doors." "...that open the wrong way." "...that keep the baddies out." "How do you 'draw' them?" "The baddies might fall in the river." "Have we got some chains Mr.Thomas?" "How are we going to get inside it, to pull it up?"

Dragon excitement in class one!

We have had a very exciting day today. The children came in to find out that the egg we have been looking after had hatched over the weekend. It turned out to be a dragon egg! When it hatched, Miss Smale managed to take a picture of it flying away. We can't believe it! This inspired us to do lots [...]

Christmas is coming in Stepping Stones!

The Christmas tree is up in Stepping Stones and the Christmas activities have begun! Today we have practiced using scissors, colouring and glueing a Christmas tree and baubles. All of our Christmas creations will be placed in a Christmas file and given to parents at the end of term, expect lots of glitter and beautiful Christmas creations! [Categories, [...]

Pride of School Day 3…

It was lovely to see so many of our parents, Governors and staff come in to decorate our school this weekend. What a brilliant day! Class 3 had a repaint over the summer and it looked so good with its 2-tone grey that our Governors decided to call a 'Pride of School' Painting Party for the entrance area of school.  [...]