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Good-bye and good luck to our amazing year 6…

Some great tunes from the guitar group It was a sad but very proud afternoon today as we said good-bye to our amazing year 6 at the leavers' assembly. The cohort of 2014 are a very talented, lively bunch who are going to leave a big hole here at Georgeham. As Mr Thomas said, they may be leaving [...]

Year 6 leavers’ lunch

Yesterday year 6 had their traditional leavers' lunch of a roast dinner, ice-cream and cupcakes! Even the children admitted they were full by the end, and made the sensible decision to wait (only about an hour) before tucking into a second round of home-made cakes supplied by Ruby! A massive thanks to Heidi Butters for baking the delicious leavers' cupcakes, [...]

Mr Thomas claims he is not completely wet…

After having a water fight with 19 very enthusiastic year 6s Mr Thomas initially claimed he had been wetter last year... 1v19 - He survived but got a little damp However we think photographic evidence supports his later admission that there wasn't a single square millimetre of him that wasn't completely soaked! Well done year 6 - a very [...]

The (24m) bike ride…

Well done everyone. If you had anything like ours on the 24miler - we had a blast!


Tonight the school hall was again transformed into a party venue for the Leavers' Summer Disco! It was great to see so many children enjoying themselves by dancing, bouncing, cartwheeling and singing.... they seemed to have so much energy even thought it was so hot in the hall! Thank you to all of our FROGS for putting on [...]

Sports Day…

Hope you enjoy our flashy Sports Day video! External link > Sports' Day  

An interesting perimeter lesson!

Molly and Beau did an extremely good job working out perimeter and area on the school field. They worked it out and calculated it and then pegged it out and marked it all up, talking about how far they'd walked and how far a spray can would go for - longer than the printed 70metres luckily as the three cans [...]

The Igloo is finished!

Finally, after a year in the planning, months of collecting countless empty milk cartons (that’s right, I haven’t physically counted how many are in there), 16 tubes of silicone (very kindly donated by Travis Perkins of Braunton) 6 packets of hot glue sticks and 2 broken hot glue guns - the Georgeham Jumper’s Igloo aka ‘Georgehenge!’ is now complete! ‘Jumpers’ [...]

Letter of thanks… from Swaziland…

I received a lovely email from Jon Skinner from Challenge Ministries Swaziland today thanking us for our incredible donation for our 'Sean' fund and also for the box of merit gifts similar to our Star of the Week teddy's rucsac. Thanks to everyone who's helped with this charity... but please read the email below too - are you tempted, like [...]

Non-uniform Day…

We're trying to raise some money for Anaya Evans who has recently qualified to represent the UK in Mexico's Beach Volleyball World Championships for the under 17s... and she's only 15!  To do this we thought we could ask the children to come to school in non-uniform (sporty theme) and bring in donations of a £1. Anyone bringing in more [...]