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Look who made an appearance today!

Finally, he makes it to the shredded green tissue paper on the cabinet outside Mr Thomas' room. Merry Christmas everyone! . . . . . .

School alarm!

Sit still long enough and you can see that an old school, dated 1868, does indeed have draughts. A little annoying (but probably not as much as it was for our neighbours) that the school alarm goes off at 7am on Christmas Eve! Because of the annoying regularity of the alarm being triggered, we've spent money on new [...]

My Christmas Kenning ~ Can you guess?

Hi, I'm Holly, and I thought I'd share this kenning I wrote with you. Well, I heard Class 3's really good ones in the church on 20th December, so I tried to make my own. It's pretty obvious who it is, but oh well. Belt tightener, Beard grower, Mince-pie scoffer, Ho-ho-hoer. List writer, Chimney dropper, Boot wearer, Avid shopper. Sleigh [...]

Holly’s mistake!

Bless... she's just trying to make the Nativity scene look nice, and then she goes ahead and pulls the donkey's head off. I know! I've resisted the temptation to glue it back on however since we've discovered that we can now tilt / turn his head to look in different directions. He's currently looking at Joseph saying, "Mary's heavy, are [...]

love it

love it


...and only £1.50 Excellent bargain!

One sleep…

'One sleep' till Christmas break! (Currently taking place since it's midnight on the penultimate day, whilst Mr Thomas struggles with Oscar and a computer at the same time!)


Dress rehearsal was a success... we've now got the full thing this afternoon!

Pro Account

We've gone PRO. The purchase number has just been accepted and the account switched over... which leaves me the Christmas Holidays to work out how to get it running smoothly!

Christmas Fair…

Class 4 will soon be starting their Christmas Fair stalls. It's like The Apprentice in their room at the moment!