Sit still long enough and you can see that an old school, dated 1868, does indeed have draughts.

A little annoying (but probably not as much as it was for our neighbours) that the school alarm goes off at 7am on Christmas Eve!

Because of the annoying regularity of the alarm being triggered, we’ve spent money on new hinges, mechanisms and openers on the windows in the school hall but it appears that they were still not the answer to the alarm going off.

After sitting in the hall for a short time you could actually see the banners move; only very slightly, but evidently just enough with the gales we’ve had overnight to set the alarm off. So this morning I tied the banner closest to the alarm sensor back to the cupboard doors below it… the photo makes it look like an extra strong breeze doesn’t coming through the hall!

I also:
– lifted all the blinds in the hall
– turned the heating off
– checked the Gazebo hadn’t moved
– oiled the letterbox so it would close
– sand-papered the bit that catches on the letterbox
– closed the second internal door
– checked all doors were closed and locked
– put a bench against the kitchen hatch’s gap
– put filler in the gaps in Kay’s hatch to stop it from rattling the window
– ate a biscuit from the staffroom

I’m hoping the alarm doesn’t get set off tomorrow morning.